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Clarification on removing the taste of najasah

Source : Shafii Fiqh / 25 Jul 2014


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

In “Reliance of the Traveler” in the section “Washing away filth”, the sheikh (rahimuhu Allah) says: “But if it is a substance (with discernible characteristics, i.e. najasa ‘ayniyya) it is obligatory to remove all taste of it, even if difficult, and to remove both color and odor if not difficult.

Could you please clarify the obligation to remove all taste of najasah ‘ainiyyah

Jazakum Allahu khairan


When to stop eating: tulu’ al-fajr or later?

Source : Shafii Fiqh / 22 Jun 2014


As salamu alaikum. I would like to ask and be sure what I am doing is correct in regards to fasting in Ramadan. Does one need to stop eating before fajr time enters or before sunrise as it can be a large gap from the start or fajr to sunrise. JazakAllah.


The Signs of the Love of God

Source : Sacred-Texts / 26 Apr 2014

Many claim to love God, but each should examine himself as to the genuineness of the love which he professes. The first test is this: he should not dislike the thought of death, for no friend shrinks from going to see a friend. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, "Whoever wishes to see God, God wishes to see him." It is true a sincere lover of God may shrink from the thought of death coming before he has finished his preparation


Imam Muhammad Saeed Ramadan Al-Bouti

Source : Naseem Al / 24 Apr 2014

He was born in 1929AD - 1347AH in Cilka (Jeilka), a village located on the Shore of Tigris River, in the meeting point of the Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish borderlines, and a part of Ibn-Umar Region (known as Cizîra-Botan [Boutan Island], or Cizre) in Turkey.


Isn't acting on weak hadiths an innovation?

Source: Spa. Qibla /22 Mar 2014/em>


Why  did the scholars who follow madhab allow acting on weak hadith? Isn't this a gross innovation?


Moon's radio glow could keep Muslim calendars in sync

Source : New Scientist / 06 Mar 2014

Is it Ramadan yet? Muslim communities look for the new moon to decide, and radio waves could settle the matter.

The Islamic calendar is based on lunar months, with sightings of the first sliver of the waxing moon marking the start of each month. It is possible to calculate when this thin crescent will theoretically be visible, but many Muslims will only accept visual confirmation.


Shariah allows polio vaccination — Islamic scholars

By Fouzia Khan / Arab news / 27 Feb 2014

The Islamic Advisory Group (IAG) held its first meeting Wednesday on polio eradication at the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation(OIC) headquarters in Jeddah to review the global polio situation, particularly in polio-endemic, predominantly Muslim countries where the disease continues to strike and cripple Muslim children.


Fatwa Against Terrorism and Suicide Bombing

On 2 March 2010, Qadri issued a 600-page Fatwa on Terrorism, which is an "absolute" scholarly refutation of all terrorism without "any excuses or pretexts." He said that "Terrorism is terrorism, violence is violence and it has no place in Islamic teaching and no justification can be provided for it"

In August 2010 Qadri held an anti-terrorism camp for Muslim youth at the University of Warwick with the aim of tackling extremism in the UK. He organised the camp under the auspices of Minhaj-ul-Quran UK


Al-Biruni: A Master of Scholarship

Source : / 20 Dec 2013

When learning about Islamic history, it’s hard to not be amazed at the scientific and intellectual accomplishments of Muslims in the past. From medicine to mathematics to philosophy to art to physics, during their golden age, Muslims were at the forefront of almost all sciences, making new discoveries and building on earlier ones. Names like Ibn Sina, Ibn al-Haytham, Ibn Khaldun, and al-Farabi come to mind when people think of the giants of Islamic science.


Trading With One Who is Not Mukallaf?

Source : / 20 Dec 2013


Assalamu ‘Alaykum,

Is it permissible to trade with someone who is not mukallaf yet? JazakAllah Khayran Kathiran.


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