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Lifting weight helps beat depression, new study suggests

Having an exercise routine is important for bodily health, as it has been proven that adding muscle tone helps to decrease injury risk and improve bone health.
However, new scientific evidence suggests that regular strength training may also ward off and fight symptoms of depression.Brett Gordon from Limeric University in Ireland has conducted a study on 2,000 participants who are suffering from depression as well as with those who have no mental illnesses.

Exercise tied to lower risk of psoriasis: study

By Genevra Pittman | Reuters | New York | 22 May 2012

Results from a large U.S. study suggest women who regularly exercise vigorously, including runners and aerobics buffs, may be less likely to get psoriasis than less-active women.


Want Your kid to Do Better in School? Try Exercise

By Genevra Pittman | Reuters | 4 Jan 2012

Children who get more exercise also tend to do better in school, whether the exercise comes as recess, physical education classes or getting exercise on the way to school, according to an international study.


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