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WHO to help Saudi Arabia investigate coronavirus before haj

Source : Reuters / 25 May 2013

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday that it would help Saudi Arabia dig deeper into deadly outbreaks of a new SARS-like virus to draw up advice ahead of the annual haj pilgrimage, which attracts millions of Muslims.


How to Kick Start Your New Active Lifestyle

By Muslim Fitness / 24 May 2013

Bodily or mental exertion, especially for the sake of training or improvement of health: Walking is a great exercise.

Exercise, without it we are not as healthy as we could be. Without it we are not as productive as we could be. Without it we are not exploiting our mind and body to their fullest potential. Without it we are not fulfilling our religion to its fullest. Without it we are not the Muslims we could be.


U.N. to unveil maternal healthcare drive, targets Muslim countries

Source : Al Arabiya / 23 May 2013

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), will launch two new initiatives to improve maternal health in some of the most-hard-to-reach areas around the world, according to a statement on Wednesday.


‘Syria refugees face more health risks’

Source : Presstv / 20 May 2013

International aid organization Oxfam says the hotter weather will increase health-related risks for hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.

In a statement issued on Monday, Oxfam made an appeal for urgent funds for the refugees who continue to flee to Jordan and Lebanon, AFP reported.


UN Study Links Man-Made Chemicals to Common Diseases

By Robert Evans | Reuters | 18 May 2013

Man-made chemicals in everyday products are likely to be at least the partial cause of a global surge in birth deformities, hormonal cancers and psychiatric diseases, a U.N.-sponsored research team reported on Tuesday.


Prophetic Medicine in Modern Life

By Karima Burns / 16 May 2013

Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “The stomach is the central basin of the body, and the veins are connected to it. When the stomach is healthy, it passes on its condition to veins, and in turn the veins will circulate the same and when the stomach is putrescence, the veins will absorb such putrescence and issue the same”.


Best foods for healthy hair

Source : Gulfnews.com / 15 May 2013

Many of us spend a fortune on expensive hair products for healthier tresses. However, the truth is, beautiful hair starts with our diets. Healthy hair is nourished hair – and that means supplying our bodies with the nutrients they need. For shiny, strong and slinky locks, check out these top hair foods to add to your shopping list.


SARS-like virus in Saudi has killed 15, minister says

Source : Al Arabiya with Agencies / 13 May 2013 

Fifteen people in Saudi Arabia have died from a SARS-like virus out of 24 people who contracted it since last August, Health Minister Abdullah al-Rabia said on Sunday, AFP reported.

“The number of people who contracted the virus in the kingdom since August/September is 24, of whom 15 have died,” Rabia told a news conference in Riyadh.


Benefits of Vinegar

By Dr. Hassan Shamsi Basha / 29 Apr 2013

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) liked vinegar. Modern medicine also acknowledge its anti-cough, anti-inflammation and digestive properties.


Benefits of horse riding

Source : Agencies / 17 Apr 2013

There are many benefits of horse riding. It is an outdoor recreational activity that is gaining popularity because it is healthy and beneficial to the rider. Contrary to the common misconception, horse riding is a sport that is far from an idle and passive activity. It is an exercise by itself which is both cardiovascular as well as muscle conditioning, and it improves many aspects of the rider’s life. There is little limitation of age and abilities, making horse riding accessible and enjoyable to adults and children alike.


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