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Half of Saudi women don’t perform any physical activity

Source : Al Arabiya / 12 Mar 2014

A survey conducted by the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has revealed that around half of the country’s females and 33 percent of males do not perform any form of physical activity.

The survey’s results, published in the Saudi-based newspaper al-Eqtisadiah on Sunday, also showed that around 29 percent of females and 29 percent of males perform light physical activity.


Traffic accidents account for 61% of spinal cord injuries

By Abdul Hannan Tago / Arab news / 08 Mar 2014

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries (SCI) in Saudi Arabia and a study predicts that medical costs to treat 50,000 cases of undiagnosed patients may reach SR25 billion by 2020.

The national study conducted by Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) was submitted at the International Conference for Detecting Spinal Cord Injuries.


Diabetics told to stay away from camels

Source : Arab news / 05 Mar 2014

The Ministry of Health warned more than three million people with diabetes in Saudis from contact with camels. The warning applies to those receiving immunity-decreasing medicine such as cortisone, those undergoing cancer treatment or organ implants surgeries.


Our Prophet (Peace be upon him) Favourite Foods

By Asma Arshad / Al Quran Classes / 04 Mar 2014

A true Muslim is the one who loves what his Creator Allah Almighty loves and he hates what his Creator hates. Similarly a True Muslim loves Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and the things he loves and hate the things which Prophet (Peace be upon him) disliked.


Medical aid group MSF allowed to reopen some Myanmar clinics

Source : / 03 Mar 2014

The medical aid group Doctors Without Borders has said that Myanmar's government is allowing it to resume operations everywhere in the country except for the strife-torn state of Rakhine.

It said in a statement on Saturday that it had been allowed to resume work in the states of Kashin and Shan states, as well as the Yangon region.


10 million children in Mideast to get polio vaccine: UN

Source : AFP / 03 Mar 2014

Millions of children in the Middle East will be vaccinated against polio this month after the crippling disease resurfaced in conflict-hit Syria, the United Nations said Sunday.

Mass vaccinations have already been launched in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Syria, while a similar campaign in Lebanon will start on March 9, the UN Children's Fund Unicef said in a statement.


Medical city planned for special needs patients in Saudi capital

Source : Saudi Gazette / 03 Mar 2014

A private healthcare group has announced plans to establish a medical city in Riyadh to cater to the needs of special needs patients.

Chairman of al-Hanouf Group Dr. Mohammad al-Mehaizei was quoted as saying in a section of the Arabic press on Saturday that the medical city will be called al-Hanouf-Mount Sinai Medical City for Medical Rehabilitation.


Ontario Muslims Fund Hospital

Source: Islam Online / 01 Mar 2014

Muslim in Ontario’s city of Mississauga have raised $250,000 to support an emergency care program in their city hospital as they held the community’s 4th annual Family Walkathon.

''We’re so humbled to share this initiative with the Mississauga community as we raise funds for our local hospital,'' Abdul Qayyum Mufti, Chair of the Family Walkathon, Mississauga Muslim Community, told South Asian Focus.


Shariah allows polio vaccination — Islamic scholars

By Fouzia Khan / Arab news / 27 Feb 2014

The Islamic Advisory Group (IAG) held its first meeting Wednesday on polio eradication at the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation(OIC) headquarters in Jeddah to review the global polio situation, particularly in polio-endemic, predominantly Muslim countries where the disease continues to strike and cripple Muslim children.


Million babies a year die within 24 hours

Source : AFP / 26 Feb 2014

A million newborn babies a year die within 24 hours, charity Save the Children said in a report out Tuesday which urged governments to tackle preventable deaths.

The report by the British-based organization said 6.6 million children around the world died in 2012 before their fifth birthday, mostly from preventable causes.


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