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Niqab Ban

Tunisia’s mufti supports possible face-veil ban

Source : Al Arabiya / 18 Feb 2014

Sheikh Hamda Saeed, Tunisia’s mufti, has declared his support of banning the face-covering niqab garment on security grounds, three days after the Interior Ministry said it was taking strict measures against women wearing the veil, news agency UPI reported.


Targeting Niqabis: The Canadian Citizenship Niqab Ban

By Waleed Ahmed |Muslimmatters| 27 Dec 2011

Well, they’ve done it yet again. Niqabi’s have somehow managed to make headlines all across Canada. It’s amazing how much influence this small group of women have on the national psyche. A few weeks ago I mentioned the niqab rage incident in Mississauga. Then there is the on going case of the woman who was sexually assaulted and wants to testify in court with a niqab. This week, the niqab issue was brought up once again.


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