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Saudi Arabia stops medical treatment programs in Canada

Saudi Arabia said on Wednesday it had stopped all medical treatment programs in Canada and was working on the transfer of all Saudi patients from hospitals there, in an escalating row after Ottawa urged it to free rights activists.
Saudi Arabia froze new trade and investment with Canada and expelled the Canadian ambassador this week, pushing Canada to seek help from the United Arab Emirates and Britain to try to defuse the dispute.

Canada’s Top Court Rules on Muslim Niqab

Source : OnIslam & Agencies / 21 Dec 2012

A Muslim woman who wears full face veil may be forced to remove it before testifying before a court, but only if absolutely necessary and after any objections have been considered, Canada’s Supreme Court has decided.

"An extreme approach that would always require the witness to remove her veil while testifying, or one that would never do so, is untenable," the court’s Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin wrote, Ottawa Sun reported.


We are all under Tel Aviv’s feet

By Ali Bluwi | ARAB NEWS | 7 Feb 2012

RIYADH: Many countries have benefited from fighting extremism and terrorism, and several of these countries claim to have arrested terrorist cells. Interestingly, some governments were instrumental in certain explosions to create the impression among people that were it not for their government’s intolerance of foreign immigrations, people’s lives would have been less safe.


Targeting Niqabis: The Canadian Citizenship Niqab Ban

By Waleed Ahmed |Muslimmatters| 27 Dec 2011

Well, they’ve done it yet again. Niqabi’s have somehow managed to make headlines all across Canada. It’s amazing how much influence this small group of women have on the national psyche. A few weeks ago I mentioned the niqab rage incident in Mississauga. Then there is the on going case of the woman who was sexually assaulted and wants to testify in court with a niqab. This week, the niqab issue was brought up once again.


Where is Christ in the modern Christmas?

By Ayman Oweida | Montreal Gazette | 24 Dec 2011

Growing up as a Muslim in Canada, I was fascinated by the enormous amount of attention given to ensuring the Christmas spirit is in the air at this time of year.


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