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List of 75 Good Manners in The Quran

Human nature desires a society based on morals and manners which provides a stable and secure life leading to liberty and happiness for all people.

Muslims believe Prophet Muhammad had a character as a model for all humanity to follow. The Quran describes the Prophet as:


Mosque Approval Delights Aussie Muslims

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers / 14 Mar 2013

Overcoming a vicious campaign against their worship place, jubilant Muslims are celebrating the approval of a new mosque in Australia’s most populous city of Melbourne.

“That’s what we plan to do,”Sherene Hassan, spokeswoman for the applicants, was cited by The Age newspaper.

“But we haven't felt much love from this group.”


Is religion fading in Britain?

By Muhammad Abdul Bari | Al Jazeera| 22 Dec 2011

A groundbreaking social survey seems to suggest ‘yes’, but there is still a role for faith in our lives, argues author.


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