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French gov’t imposes car ban in polluted Paris

Source : Presstv / 17 Mar 2014

Unusually high pollution levels have prompted the French government to impose vehicle bans in the capital, Paris, and its suburbs.

Thousands of cars have been banned from roads across the capital and 22 surrounding areas on Monday, as alternate driving days have been enforced in a bid to reduce the health-threatening smog.

Under the measure, some 700 police officers at 60 checkpoints around the capital will ensure that only cars with license plates numbers ending in odd numbers are out on the streets on Monday.


Muslim “Schindler” risked life to save Jews in wartime Paris

By Henry Samuel |Telegraph UK| 22 Dec 2011

A Muslim “Oskar Schindler” saved the lives of thousands of Iranian Jews in wartime Paris, risking all to help compatriots escape the Nazis, a new book claims.


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