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Nazis considered malaria-infected mosquitoes as weapon

Source : World Bulletin / 17 Feb 2014

Researchers have found out that Nazi scientists at the Dachau concentration camp were looking into ways on how to use malaria-infected mosquitoes as a method of biological warfare during World War II.

Files from the archives at the Entomological Institute were examined by Dr Klaus Reinhardt of Tuebingen University said that the Nazis were researching ways to keep mosquitoes alive outside of their natural environment, claiming that they may have been considering dropping them on enemy targets.


Muslim “Schindler” risked life to save Jews in wartime Paris

By Henry Samuel |Telegraph UK| 22 Dec 2011

A Muslim “Oskar Schindler” saved the lives of thousands of Iranian Jews in wartime Paris, risking all to help compatriots escape the Nazis, a new book claims.


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