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Deep Fried Food Consumption Increases Risk Of Heart Disease: Study

People who eat a lot of fried foods may have a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, according to a large, long-term study.
An Pan of the National University of Singapore's Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, the researchers examined data from more than 100,000 men and women over about 25 years.

Hugs could buffer against life sapping conflict stress – study

A simple hug may be all one needs to protect against physically draining stress levels often present after a blazing argument or individual conflict, a new study into interpersonal touch has found.
Hugs are typically associated with affection and a general fuzzy feeling of friendliness.

Only 28% pharmacists in Saudi Arabia are Saudis

Only 28 percent of 29,000 pharmacists working in the Kingdom are Saudi nationals, according to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, which has said more than 900 Saudis, who have obtained bachelor's degrees in pharmacology, are currently seeking jobs.

“Of the total number of pharmacists Saudis represent 8,200 or 28.44 percent while expats account for 20,800 or 71.56 percent,” Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper reported quoting commission sources.


Russian parliament rejects cohabitation bill

State Duma representatives have rejected a proposal to legally equate five years of cohabitation with registered marriage, citing technical problems with the draft legislation as the reason for the rejection. 
“The proposed characteristics of the de-facto marriage relations are vague and it is not clear from the text of the draft who should decide on the moment when such relations start and how they will do it,” reads an assessment of the bill, released by a lower house committee.

The Habit of Nagging in Women

By Maryam Hedayat | | 21 Aug 2014

A woman is believed to be the beauty, charm and attraction of the world.  She is valued to be one of the amazing creations of the Almighty. But still it is said that most of the hell’s inhabitants will be women. How?

Why a woman being the most gentle, caring and sympathetic, is supposed to be the most ungrateful, and unthankful as a wife?


Russia to ban citizenship change for adopted children

Source : RT / 20 May 2014

Russian MPs intend to ban changing of citizenship of adopted Russian kids over fears that NGOs specializing in adoptions might send children to the United States via third countries.

Despite the fact that we are no longer sending orphans for adoption to US families, the USA has not given up on its policy of purchases of children. If we fail to impose a legal ban on the shipping of children across the ocean, they will transport them through third countries,” State Duma deputy Yevgeniy Fyodorov (United Russia) has told the mass circulation daily, Izvestia.


Yemen lawmakers to consider minimum marriage age for girls

Source : Agencies / 28 Apr 2014

An international rights group says a law setting 18 as the minimum age to get married will be proposed in Yemen and has urged its passage.

Human Rights Watch said in a statement that the draft law was presented to the government on Sunday by the Legal Affairs Minister Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi.


Saudis married to foreign women can’t enter military academies

Source : SG / 01 Apr 2014

Saudi youths who are married to foreign women are not eligible for admission to the Kingdom’s military academies, according to the amended Military Academy Law approved by the Council of Ministers on Monday. Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz, deputy premier and minister of defense, chaired the weekly session of the Council of Ministers at Al-Yamama Palace here. 

Gulf citizens lead the way in marrying Saudi women

Source : Saudi Gazette / 18 Mar 2014

Statistics indicate that Gulf citizens have led the way in marrying Saudi women during 2011; Kuwaitis were at the top with 762 registered marriage contracts, Al-Watan daily reported.

The total such registered marriages were 1,618, where Qataris accounted for 554 marriages with Saudi women, followed by UAE citizens with 246, Bahrainis with 36, and Omanis with 20.


Kuwaiti scholar says spying on spouse is a ‘sin’

By Habib Toumi / Gulf news / 14 Mar 2014

Checking a spouse’s cell phone or computer without his or her permission amounts to committing a sin, a Kuwaiti religious scholar has said.

“From the religious perspective, a spouse must not access his or her spouse’s mobile phone or computer without his or her authorisation,” Ajeel Al Nashmi, the head of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Scholars’ League, said. “Neither the wife nor the husband may spy on each other or check each other’s emails or messages without a proper permission. Whoever does it is a sinner,” he said in remarks published by Kuwaiti daily Al Rai on Thursday.


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