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'Cryptocurrency can be used among Islamic countries'

A common cryptocurrency system should be formed for use among Islamic states, said Erol Yarar, chairman of the International Business Forum (IBF).
He stated that the U.S. keeps down money transfers, imposes sanctions on the international market, and causes crises in countries by using the dollar. 
"In IBF, this year, we will discuss the term 'monetary pluralism' to create a fairer and healthier trade environment," he said. 

Organization of Islamic Cooperation to organize seminar on Islamophobia

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will organize the 5th international seminar on Islamophobia in Istanbul.
The event will be held on Oct. 17-18 in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of Justice, and will discuss the roots and causes of Islamophobia against Muslims.
Separately on Sunday, the OIC condemned the attack on a political rally in Takhar province of Afghanistan.

‘Istanbul to become global publishing center’

The 4th Annual Arabic Book Fair is set to be organized in Istanbul by Media Publishing Union on Sept. 1-9.


Turkey’s biggest library to open in Istanbul

Library with capacity of 7 million books to open for public in 2020


Istanbul’s historic underground tops list of 10 weirdest transport alternatives

Source : Hurriyet Daily news / 12 Mar 2014

Tünel, a short underground railway line in Istanbul, Turkey, has been rated “as one of the strangest transport alternatives in the world,” according to an article published by on March 10.


Istanbul, a city of 60 gates

By Tugce Ozerdem / Kuzey / 08 Mar 2014

In the past, there were 60 gates serving as entry points on the gigantic historic walls surrounding the city of Istanbul, but most of them were reduced to ruins a long time ago.

Nonetheless, these walls served their purpose for centuries, protecting Istanbul from a number of attacks. The 20 meter tall walls were the main barriers guarding the city.


Renovations of historic sites in Anatolia not up to par: Foundations head

Source : Hurriyet Daily News / 26 Feb 2014

Standards across the country are uneven when it comes to the restoration of historic buildings, the head of Turkey’s foundations umbrella organization has said.

Adnan Ertem, the head of Turkey’s General Directorate of Foundations (VGM), said restorations in Istanbul outranked Turkey’s other cities in terms of quality.


Ottoman war exhibition opens in Istanbul

Source : Cihan | Istanbul | 24 Apr 2012

Ottoman and European soldiers and uniforms from the 14th century to the end of World War I have been revived once more
An exhibition named “Living Battling Ottomans Dioramas” has opened in Istanbul at a former palace of Ottoman Sultans, Yildiz Palace/Museum.


Young Muslims, media and political change

By Tahir Abbas

Last week the Turkish-Arab Media Forum gathered at the Conrad Hotel in İstanbul to discuss the highly topical issue of the role of media in politics, with a particular focus on the recent “Arab Spring” and its implications for youth mobilization in the region and perhaps even beyond.


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