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Turkey’s biggest library to open in Istanbul

Library with capacity of 7 million books to open for public in 2020


Ottoman era collection in a Russian library

The Russian State Library’s Center of Eastern Literature has the largest collection of Ottoman era books and other printed materials in Turkish language in Europe and Russia, totalling around 35,000, according to a library official.
The center's Director, Marina Melanyina said that the pearl of the collection is an assembly of first-prints of Turkish books.

From libraries to madrasas

Prepared by N. Jafarov : Islam Magazine | Makhachkala / 2011

Muslim Renaissance

Swiss orientalist Adam Metz (1869 - 1917) is a recognized expert in the history of culture of the Caliphate in the III - IV centuries AH (IX - X centuries AD). He did not turn to oriental studies but in the mature age. Before that he had studied law and theology. Having started with learning of Semitic languages, and having mastered Hebrew and Arabic, Mets then focused on the medieval period of the Arab East. By limiting the scope of his research with nothing more than two centuries, he carefully examined a great number of sources.


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