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Islam in Spain

1,000-year-old Islamic burial ground found in Spain

Source : The Local / 14 Aug 2014

It has only taken two weeks but already excavations at a archaeological site in the Spanish town of Alcázar de San Juan have turned up some exciting finds.

Researchers from the University of Castilla-La Mancha University say they have already unearthed fragments of household goods from the bronze age as well as a Roman inscription and traces of Celtiberian settlements.


Spain to host first-ever conference on halal tourism in Europe

Source : Eat-Halal / 01 Jul 2014

Europe is hosting the first-ever international conference on halal tourism to look at how the industry can capitalise on one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.Описание: Неизвестный объект

The Halal Tourism Conference, which is being held on 22 and 23 September 2014, will bring together the global travel industry to discuss ways of tapping into this niche market.


The Alpujarras: Spain's Last Muslim Stronghold

By Sara Irving / 21 Oct 2013

From the many hillside cafes and plazas of the bustling city of Granada, snow-capped mountains are visible just a short journey away.

On the slopes of these mountains are strings of tiny villages which housed the remnants of Spain's last Muslim communities; they have their own small but distinct role in Andalucia's history, and offer a calm and often stunningly beautiful destination for a day trip or few days' break from city life.


Manuscripts of Muslim Spain

By David James / 23 Mar 2013

Whenever anyone thinks of the art of Islamic Spain it is usually the great architectural monuments which come to mind; the Alhambra must be as familiar to most Europeans as the Parthenon. Yet the Muslim craftsmen of Islamic Spain—Al-Andalus—were equally skilled in the arts of metalwork, pottery, woodcarving, tilework and—as the museums of Spain and Europe testify—the art of manuscript illumination.


Spain Muslims Introduce Halal Culture

Source : OnIslam / 12 Mar 2013 

The seminar aims to help Muslims get due information about halal concept, its fields of application, standards, difficulties and developments in the market.

“The Halal Institute continues working, with this line of training and dissemination of the Halal concept, towards the normalization and social integration of the Muslim community, as well as improving their access to Halal food and services,” the release said.


Spain overturns city’s ban on full-face veils

By Reuters / 1 Mar 2013

Spain’s Supreme Court has overturned the city of Lleida’s ban on women wearing full-face veils — such as burqas or niqabs — in public buildings, citing religious freedom and saying the city’s argument of security concerns was unfounded.

In its ruling, dated Feb. 14 and made public on Thursday, the court said the ban could increase discrimination, rather than help eliminate it, as it may force some women to stay at home and therefore not integrate at all into Spanish society.


New Muslims in Spain

Source : Arab news / 8 Feb 2013

Islam in Spain has a remarkable presence. Muslims in Europe in general and Spain in particular have always been categorized as immigrants. In recent years, however, there is a notable number of native Spaniards who have converted to Islam in Spain and they are recognized publicly as new Muslims. This may raise many questions on the nature of the Islamic preaching activities in Spain and the official Islamic presence in the country. Islam has come to be an attractive religion to some Spaniards disregarding the fact that its international media image is not generally a positive one.


Andalusia: the Return of Islam to Europe

By Iskander Nabiulin | Islam Magazine / Makhachkala / 2011

There is no way not to fall in love with Andalusia, and the Moors knew where to build their state ...


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