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Fruits and Vegetables in Quran

Source : Islamic life / 20 Feb 2014

Fruits are one of the oldest forms of food known to man. There are many references to fruits in ancient literature. According to Qur’an, the fruits like grape, date, fig, olive and pomegranate are gifts and heavenly fruits of God Fresh and dry fruits are the natural staple food of man. They contain substantial quantities of essential nutrients in a rational proportion.


Yousuf Ali, the great scholar of Qur’an

Source: By Abu Tariq Hijazi/ Arab News/Nov.24/2011

When Khan Bahadur Yousuf Ali retired from the police force, he never knew that his son Abdullah will take his name and the fame to the four corners of the world. He raised Abdullah well and arranged for his good education. Abdullah memorized the whole Holy Qur’an and was entitled as Hafiz. Later he was sent to England for higher education. He studied English language and literature at several European universities including Cambridge and Leeds. He secured M. A. then L.L.M. then he faired I.C.S.


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