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Saudi Arabia

Saudi hospitality sector seen to reach $18.1 billion by 2016

Source : Saudigazette.com / 19 Feb 2013

A rise in the number of pilgrims visiting Saudi Arabia for Haj and Umrah, are boosting domestic tourism growth, with Saudi residents making 22.5 million overnight trips per annum. Tourism receipts for Hajj and Umrah currently account for around 3 percent of GDP and, according to tourism officials, the country gained a reported $16.5 billion from tourism in 2012, representing a 10 percent increase on the previous year.


Health dangers of tattoos and its prohibition in Islam

By Amal Al-Sibai / 16 Feb 2013

Unhealthy practices, some even prohibited in Islam, are slowly creeping into our society; and it will take more awareness, education, and open dialogue to stay alert and stop these problems in their tracks before they spread.

Tattooing is viewed in the west as a harmless form of body art, an aesthetic procedure, a normal part of growing up for most adolescents.

Recently, tattooing has started appearing in Arab and Muslim societies as well. Apparently, it is extremely difficult but not impossible to find a place to get a tattoo done here in Saudi Arabia.


More than 6 million Umrah pilgrims expected this year

Source : Arab news / 16 Feb 2013

Over six million Umrah pilgrims are expected in Saudi Arabia this year, one million more than last year, said Minister of Haj Bandar bin Mohammed Al-Hajjar, in a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency yesterday.

“The number of Umrah pilgrims is expected to cross the one million mark in the month of Ramadan alone. An average of 400,000 pilgrims are arriving every month this season,”said Al-Hajjar.


Jeddah among world's least expensive cities: survey

By Arab News and Reuters / 8 Feb 2013

Saudi Arabia's old capital has been ranked one of the world's ten least expensive cities in the latest survey of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU).

Jeddah, also known as the Bride of the Red Sea, ranked No. 123 out of 131 cities in 93 countries that were covered in the EIU Worldwide Cost of Living Index for 2013.


Saudi Arabia, Indonesia vow to push industrial investments

By Abdul Ghafour / 6 Feb 2013

A joint Saudi-Indonesian oil refinery and petrochemical project in Tuban, East Java involves a capital investment of $ 30 billion, Indonesian Ambassador Gatot Abdullah Mansyur said yesterday.

He estimated the total Saudi investment in his country at $ 8.65 billion. There is a new joint mineral project and a health water project in South Sulawesi at a cost of $ 10 billion and $ 200 million respectively, he added.


60% of Saudis own homes, economy chief says

Source : Arab News / 1 Feb 2013

Minister of Economy and Planning Mohammad Al-Jasser has criticized those who have raised doubts about the validity of the latest statistics from the General Statistics and Information Department that show that 60 percent of Saudis own houses, according to Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper.

 He asked that the data be analyzed, not debated. “These numbers are very accurate and based on a survey implemented by an army of field workers,” he said.


Historic old Jeddah awaits life-saving restoration

By Reuters / 10 Jan 2013

In the heart of Saudi Arabia’s sprawling Red Sea port city of Jeddah, centuries-old buildings tilt and buckle above the historic district’s narrow alleys, withering away in the absence of decisive action to protect them.

The seventh-century historic district, with its mud and coral town houses adorned with ornate wooden balconies, holds the only remnants of the traditional architecture of the Hijaz, as the western Arabian Peninsula is known.


Rosneft leads Russian oil output to new high

By Reuters / 3 Jan 2013

More crude from state-owned top producer Rosneft kept Russian oil output the highest in the world last year, Energy Ministry data showed yesterday.

Crude output edged up almost 1 percent to a new post-Soviet high of 10.37 million barrels per day (bpd), but the increase could halt this year due to depleted oil fields in West Siberia.


Saudi Arabia tops world in education spending

By Irfan Mohammed / 2 Jan 2013

Paucity of funds particularly in the sector of education is commonplace and is felt globally. This makes choice to pursue education limited for the students in several nations.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the situation is however quite different. The late King of Saudi Arabia Abdul Aziz had a vision since he had founded the Kingdom (Saudi Arabia) focusing on the need of education as means to development.


Dubai ports feed global appetite for dates

Source : CNN / 1 Jan 2013

Dates have been an integral part of the culture and identity of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since ancient times.

In the past four decades, production has increased nearly a hundredfold with dates carefully harvested by hand from more than 40 million palm trees across the country.

The UAE is currently the world's fifth largest producer of dates, but it's not just homegrown fruit that you will find in the country's souks.


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