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Saudi Arabia

KSA has lowest poverty rate in Arab world

By Ali Fayyaz / 05 Nov 2013

Saudi Arabia ranked 10th globally and first in the Arab world in terms of the lowest poverty rate, according to a recent poverty report released by the World Bank.

“Jobs can provide a transformational path out of poverty for men, women and youth. Beyond an individual’s income, jobs can bring great value to society through their broad influence on living standards, productivity and social cohesion,” said Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank Group.


Most people prefer not to read, survey shows

By Ali Fayyaz / 05 Nov 2013

The technological boom has had a negative impact on reading habits.

A survey recently conducted by Arab News revealed that only two in ten people read on a regular basis. The survey also revealed that 80 percent of individuals do not read during their free time.


Heart disease rate ‘rising’

By MD Rasooldeen / 2 Nov 2013

The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia has warned that there is a rising incidence of heart disease in the country and urged residents and citizens to protect themselves with proper diet and exercise.

In reports issued recently, the ministry said that 42 percent of all deaths from non-communicable diseases in 2010 were from heart disease.


Irish firm to produce 20,000 tonnes of cheese from Saudi plant

By Hind Mustafa / 2 Nov 2013

The Irish Dairy Board Cooperative (IDB) has acquired a 75 percent interest in the Riyadh-based Al Wazeen Trading, as part of a €20 million investment in Saudi Arabia.

The deal includes developing a new cheese-manufacturing plant at the Al Wazeen facility in Riyadh, the company said in a statement.


Madinah named most economically prosperous city

Source : Arab news / 7 Oct 2013
Madinah is one of the most prosperous Saudi cities, with numerous investment opportunities that have contributed to the growth of its trade, industry, tourism and agricultural sectors.
Madinah’s religious status has made it one of the most prominent tourist cities thanks to the high volume of visitors and pilgrims, in addition to its natural and mineral wealth. This has helped in fostering a commercial atmosphere, especially with regards to demand on consumer products.


Art exhibition showcases 1908 hajj trip from Egypt

Source : Saudi Gazzete / 3 Oct 2013
Not long ago, the adventure of riding ships from Egypt was a normal way to reach the other side of the Red Sea coast to perform Haj. Dar Al-Hekma College recently organized an exhibition showcasing pictures of the hajj trip from Egypt in 1908.
A total of 53 pictures were on display with captions to portray the different stages that pilgrims had to go through during their trip.


High rates of obesity in Saudi Arabia behind diabetes and heart disease

By Dr. Maha Hamdan / 27 Aug 2013

Obesity or illness of civilized societies, as some like to call it, is a disease that penetrated mankind and its spread is like a wildfire that is now threatening the entire community. In ancient times it rarely befitted doctors to talk about this disease because it was rare, and even our ancestors did not have a problem that is as severe as we see today because people mostly were slender and did not suffer from obesity or any of its complications (diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol).


New study: Bat linked to mysterious MERS virus

Source : AFP / 23 Aug 2013

A bat has been linked to the mysterious and at times fatal MERS coronavirus plaguing the Middle East, according to a new study.

Researchers said they detected a 100 percent genetic match in an insect-eating bat close to the home of the first known victim of the disease in Saudi Arabia.


Foreign teams to study 15 Saudi archaeological sites

Source : Arab news / 22 Aug 2013

Fifteen missions from abroad, including teams from France, Italy, the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and Belgium, are cooperating with the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities to explore 15 projects at historic and archaeological sites in different regions of Saudi Arabia.

The archaeological survey began in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 40 years ago with the implementation of five-year plans carried out by Saudi missions in cooperation with foreign missions. Through the missions, many archaeological sites were demarcated and recorded and some sites were chosen for further exploration.


‘Hot’ couture: traditional Saudi head-cover gets modern make-over

By Natasha Baker / 14 Aug 2013

Worn in rain or shine, the Saudi Arabian shemagh has a plethora of uses and is steadily being redefined as a high-fashion and haute-couture item.

This is particularly good news for sellers of the traditional scarves as approximately eight million shemaghs have been sold in the last month alone, reported leading pan-Arab newspaper al-Hayat.


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