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Saudi Arabia

70% of Saudis are obese, says study

Source : Arab news / 18 Feb 2014

Obesity is fast turning out to be a major cause of concern for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with seven out of 10 Saudis suffering from obesity, and 37 percent of Saudi women facing problems related to overweight. And to top it all, their problems are compounded because health insurance does not cover obesity surgery.


’Jeddah among three biggest art centers in the ME’

Source : Saudi Gazette / 12 Feb 2014

In the Middle East, there are only three important art centers: Beirut, Sharjah, and Jeddah.

Or so opines Chris Dercon, director of the Tate Gallery of Modern Art, the most visited museum in the world located in London.

Dercon was talking at a symposium organized as part of the "21,39 Jeddah Arts" opening events, which took place from February 4 to 8 all over the city and included openings of exhibitions, tours, workshops, and a symposium.


Economists divided over 40-hour working week in Saudi Arabia

Source : Saudi Gazette / 10 Feb 2014

A number of economic experts have criticized proposals to reduce working hours in the private sector, Al-Madinah daily reported.

Some have stressed that it is important to reduce working hours, others believe businesses have the right to ask their employees to work certain hours, while the rest said reducing working hours should be based on the type of business.


Saudi Arabia to launch $9.5bn mining industrial city

Source : Al Arabiya / 5 Feb 2014

Saudi Arabia signed contracts worth 36 billion Saudi riyals ($9.5bn) for the establishment of a new mineral industrial city in Waad al-Shamal.

The kingdom’s mining company, Maaden, also signed a number of deals worth $3.6bn for the establishment of five new plants in the new city.


Saudi Arabia to give Egypt up to $4 billion more aid: report

Source : Reuters / 31 Jan 2014

Saudi Arabia is expected to give Egypt up to $4 billion in additional aid in the form of central bank deposits and petroleum products, state-run Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram reported on Thursday.

Citing an unnamed ministerial source, the newspaper said the package would be worked out during a visit next week to the kingdom by Egypt's interim prime minister Hazem el-Beblawi.


Fuel in Saudi Arabia second cheapest in the world

Source : IINA / 24 Jan 2014

The price of gas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is almost 22 times cheaper than in Norway, which has the world’s most expensive fuel, and at least half the cost of anywhere else in the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), according to a new report.


Riyadh metro to be 73 km underground

By Abdullah Al-Ansari / 24 Jan 2014

More than 73.4 km of the metro in the capital would be underground.

One of the world's largest metro projects, this automatic driverless network will be over 170 km and have 87 stations on six lines, and is scheduled for completion in 2018, said the High Commission for the Development of Riyadh (HCDR).


First Arab-built satellite set for lift-off in 2017

Source : Al Arabiya News / 31 Dec 2013

The United Arab Emirates plans to launch the first Arab-built satellite into orbit in 2017, according to the state news agency WAM.

The ‘Khalifa Sat’ is set to be the fifth satellite owned by the UAE, but the first to be wholly manufactured in the country.


Saudi Arabia to give Lebanese army $3 bln

Source : Al Arabiya News / 30 Dec 2013

Saudi Arabia is giving the Lebanese national army $3 billion in aid, Lebanon's President Michel Suleiman said on Sunday, describing it as the largest grant given to the armed forces in Lebanon’s history.

“The king of the brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is offering this generous and appreciated aid of $3 billion to the Lebanese army to strengthen its capabilities,” Suleiman said in a televised address.


Saudi Arabia could export solar power by 2015

Source : IINA / 28 Dec 2013

Several renewable energy experts in the Kingdom have said the country could start exporting solar energy by 2015.

They said the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which receives ample sunlight, is in a good position to be one of the largest providers of solar energy in the world, if the industry is developed commercially. According to a solar energy expert in Baden, Switzerland, the development of solar energy in the Kingdom has retracted slightly.


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