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Saudi Arabia

Pollution threatens 66% of Gulf coral reefs

Source : Arab News / 03 Jun 2014

Pollution caused by chemicals from the petroleum industry, toxic human waste, overfishing and spillage from oil tankers are threatening two-thirds of the Gulf region's coral reefs and its marine life, according to an environmental researcher.


KSA smokers puff away SR3.3bn cigarettes in a year

Source : Arab news / 12 May 2014

Saudi Arabia imported cigarettes worth SR3.3 billion in 2012, equivalent to 20 percent of the value of imported pharmaceutical products, which stood at SR16.5 billion during the same year, local media said.


Saudi MERS death toll passes 100 mark

Source : Arab news / 28 Apr 2014

The death toll from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in the Kingdom reached 102 on Sunday with 10 new deaths during the past 24 hours as authorities scrambled to reassure an increasingly edgy population.


Saudi Arabia to build world's tallest tower

Source : CNN / 23 Apr 2014

Dubai, long champion of all things biggest, longest and most expensive, will soon have some competition from neighboring Saudi Arabia.

Dubai's iconic Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, could be stripped of its Guinness title if Saudi Arabia succeeds in its plans to construct the even larger Kingdom Tower in Jeddah -- a prospect looking more likely as work begins next week, according to Construction Weekly.


50% Saudi children are obese

Source : Arab News / 22 Apr 2014

A new study has revealed that 50 percent of Saudi children suffer from obesity. Tests conducted on 280 children at the Children and Maternity Hospital in Dammam showed that 20 percent of Saudi children suffer from extreme obesity while 30 percent undergo a weight increase. The other 50 percent of children tested didn’t gain any weight throughout the period of the study.


Death Toll Increasing In Saudi Arabia

Source : Arab news / 17 Apr 2014

The rising number of fatalities from MERS infections in the Kingdom is causing alarm in the public.

The Health Ministry reported another fatality in Jeddah Wednesday, bringing the total number of MERS victims across the country to 71 from 205 infections. It said five more people were infected with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, including two medics, all in Jeddah. It identified the latest victim as a 52-year-old Saudi man.


1.6 million children in KSA suffer from ADHD

Source : Arab news / 11 Apr 2014

An estimated 1.6 million Saudi children suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a psychiatric neurodevelopmental disorder, local media said quoting a recently released medical study.


Tusk clue to Saudi desert's green past

By Frank Gardner / BBC / 05 Apr 2014

Deep in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, a team led by Oxford University has made a startling discovery: a giant, 325,000-year-old tusk belonging to an extinct species of elephant, remarkably preserved and embedded by an ancient lake.

It is vivid proof, say archaeologists, that giant beasts once roamed lush and fertile plains where today the wind-blown sand covers the searing Nafud Desert.


Kidney failure cases on the rise

By Irfan Mohammed / Arab news / 28 Mar 2014

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facing a rise of five percent of annual increase in incidents related to kidney failure, a leading doctor said here on Monday.

Wael T. Habhab, a nephrology consultant at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, said several factors including a sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure, junk food, and erratic work schedules are contributing to the worrying kidney problems.


KSA has world’s least cases of medical malpractice

By Nadim Al Hamid / Arab news / 20 Mar 2014

According to Subhi Baterjee, a Saudi health expert and chief of the Saudi German Hospitals Group, Saudi Arabia records the least cases of medical malpractice in the world.


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