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What is the good of deeds done without fear of Allah? Said Afandi al-Chirkawi

Today our ‘alims have fully covered all subjects. I have hardly anything to add. However, the matter mentioned by Abdulghafuril Muhammad, I heard here for the first time. Till now nobody has ever touched that subject. Verily it is the thing my heart is aching from, which I consider as motto for me, and what I have earlier said about.


Seeking worthy, beneficial, valuable

Many things could be mentioned, but hardly everything can be said completely. Sometimes it happens that a person commits suicide, stabbing knife or gun shot. After wounding himself, he still has time to repent (make tawbah) and his sin may be forgiven, if he regretted the incident and asked for forgiveness. But it also happens that a man commits suicide by hanging himself [leaving no chance for repentance].


Robert Frager on psychology from viewpoint of Sufism

Psychology and Sufism, both investigates for the inner mysteries of humans and suggest some ways to help them improve their lives. Robert Frager, who has both, Sufi and psychologist hats, evaluated human growth comparatively.


Remember Him with your heart - Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani

The Prophet s.a.w is reported as having said: These hearts are getting very rusty and the polish they need is the recitation of the Qur'an, the remembrance of death, and attendance at sessions of remembrance (dhikr).


Levels of Murids

the people, who spoke before me, said all, nothing was missed out. May Allah be satisfied with them, and also with those, who didn’t speak.




Ahmad Zaruk said: “Sufism has more than 2000 definitions, but all of them have the same key point that is a selfless, sincere appealing to and serving Allah”. The pillar of Sufism is heart cleansing of worldly passions and its backbone is person’s relations with the God Almighty. A Sufi is someone whose heart is open to Allah and whose deeds are for the Almighty’s sake.

Origin of the word Sufism


Why is Salah/Prayer so Important?

By Muhammadrasul Saaduev : Imam of Central Jum`ah Mosque | Makhachkala | 02 Sept 2011

The Man who Broke the Connection with the Creator is Unreliable.

There is a connection between each of us and the Creator. This is the connection that determines our destiny, our success in this world, our well-being, both in this world and in the Eternal one. The break of this connection will bring chaos into society; man will regress, commit crime and pass the limits set by Allah.

What is the connection and how to find it? It is through Salah, prescribed by the Almighty. If this connection is strong, infallible, the slave is always with his Creator. He will do well both in this world and in the Eternal life. And he will be rescued from adversity and misery in this world and from the punishment on the Judgment Day.


Sufi History in Daghestan

Sufism has an age-long history which has yet only recently become the subject of study. However the last few years have seen a certain amount of work done, for example, the publication of important articles on the history and practice of Sufism in Daghestan, especially in the 18th-20th centuries, Sufi treatises by Daghestani authors. The research sources pool has grown. The Eastern Literature publishing house in Moscow has released an important monograph by a Daghestani author Alikber Alikberov on the early history of Sufism in Daghestan.


The Sufi Foundation of Libya's Revolution

By Stephen Schwartz | Huffington Post
24 Aug 2011, Wednesday / Tripoli

As the great historian of Islam, Bernard Lewis, remarked some years ago at a lecture in Washington, D.C., Sufis, followers of the mystical way in Islam, are "peaceful but not pacifist." That is, Sufis dedicate themselves to personal and collective spiritual cultivation, and seek fruitful and mutually respectful relations with non-Sufi Muslims and members of the other religions. But Sufis also fight to defend themselves and their communities from aggression and oppression.


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