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Fathers and daughters

By Habibi Halaqas / 5 Feb 2013

“Father, I know that we cannot choose our family, this choice is made by the Almighty and we only find out when we arrive in this world who is to be our parents. However, what I know and feel in my heart is that were I to choose my father, I would have chosen you baaba.”


New breathable nail polish gives freedom of an Islamic mani-pedi

By Al Arabiya / 29 Jan 2013

A cosmetics company has released a new line of permeable nail polish in line with Islamic religious restrictions, reported a website on Monday.

Inglot Cosmetics mastered a nail polish that allows water vapor to pass through to the nail, effectively negating the need to remove the color before washing oneself pre-prayer, the India-based Deccan Chronicle said.


Al-Qubaisi becomes first woman to chair UAE house session

By Al Arabiya / 25 Jan 2013

Dr. Amal Abdullah al-Qubaisi chaired the UAE’s sixth House session, becoming the first ever woman to do so.

She is currently the first deputy speaker of the Federal National Council (FNC) and represents the success of Emirati women in achieving participation in the country’s decision-making process.


A House in Heaven

By Zeynab Asadi / 22 Jan 2013 

My sister gave birth to her second child this year and can only help her first daughter in doing her homework.

Because of this, I voluntary help them and spend some hours at the weekends. She studies in the first grade of elementary school.


The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Status of Women

By Ibrahim H. Malabari / 17 Jan 2013

Recently, we have witnessed instances of the horrific treatment of women around the world.

In the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), similar cruel practices were enacted by his society and he (peace and blessings be upon him) opposed all such forms of oppressing women.

Indeed, at the sight of a tragedy of any human being, Prophet Muhammad’s heart would be saddened and his eyes would flow with tears.


Who are the Mahrams of a Woman

Source: / 15 Jan 2013

When people distance themselves from the instructions of Islam and the rulings of religion -- especially those which guard chastity and the ‘Awrah (parts of the body that must be covered), prevent mixing of progeny and other immoral acts -- they fall into the pit of vice and immorality. This is encouraged by the enemies of Islam who try to control women with all the possible means until they lead them astray and strip them of their modesty, under the pretext of "liberating" them. In reality, they wanted to liberate women from their religion, modesty, and chastity.


Oppression or Liberation?

By Aisha Stacey / 9 Jan 2013

For centuries, Muslim women in all corners of the world have been aware of the liberation that is achieved by adhering to the concept of hijab. Current world events have once again brought the issue of women’s liberation in Islam to the forefront of people’s minds.


Canadian Muslim woman wins Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Medal

SOurce : IINA / 8 Jan 2013

Volunteering for community help decades ago, a Canadian Muslim in Ontario’s city of Mississauga has received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal to acknowledge her passion to serve her country.


Hijab? Still Needed? Why?

Source : World-Insights / 31 Dec 2012

The term “hijãb—الحجاب”  literally means a cover, curtain or screen.Until the Imperialists invaded Muslim Countries and the Muslims started mixing with non-believers, all our Muslim women walked in this world with great respect and dignity. The non-believers were finding it very difficult to come anywhere near the border of our Muslim sisters purity.


124 year old Palestinian grandmother reportedly refused recognition due to hijab

Source : Gulf News / 28 Dec 2012

124-year-old Palestinian Maryam Hamdan Ammash, who according to relatives was “undoubtedly the oldest woman in world”, died last Saturday, Gulf News reported.

The report stated that relatives of the highly respected grandmother said that she was denied world record recognition, despite having official documents confirming her birth in 1888; and having been visited by a team of Guinness investigators, because she refused to remove her hijab (Muslim headscarf) for a television appearance as stipulated by Guinness.


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