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Performing Sunnah Fasts before Missed Fard Fasts

By Ml. Tariq Muhammad / 25 Jul 2013


As salamu alaikum,

A woman has to fast what she missed during Ramadan due to menstruation. Can she fast sunnah fast without yet fulfilling the missed fard fasts? Jazakallah. May Allah have mercy on you!


A Women’s Guide to Spirituality in Ramadan during Menstruation and Postnatal Bleeding

By Kanika Aggarwal / 24 Jul 2013 

While others will be busy in acts of worship such as fasting, praying, reading Qur'an, etc., most women will spend a portion of Ramadan in the state of menstruation (or postnatal bleeding), leaving them unable to participate in the aforementioned activities.

It is not easy to stay positive at times like these, especially when we see those around us rushing to masājid for taraweeh prayers, spending time in 'itikaaf and reciting the Qur'an. This can lead us to feeling deprived of the reward of this blessed month, and often this feeling ends up decreasing our spirituality rather than increasing it.


Baba Ghannouj: A Recipe of Many Names

Source : OnIslam / 23 Jul 2013

Baba Gannouj is an easy to make recipe that is traditional to Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine.

One can also find versions of this recipe throughout the Mediterranean, and Europe. In Armenia it is known as Mutabel, and in:

Turkey – Patlican Salatasi

Greece – Melitzano Salata

Sicily – Caponata


Afghan women, clerics, eye unlikely alliance to improve rights

Source : Reuters / 17 Jul 2013

A group of Afghan female lawmakers and activists are eyeing an unlikely alliance with the country’s religious leaders, hoping to promote and enhance women’s rights through Islam in a joint campaign.

Though Afghan women have made hard-fought gains in education and work since the collapse of the austere Taliban regime in 2001, fears are growing these could suffer a reversal when most foreign forces leave by the end of next year.


Dates heritage festival focuses on Ramadan traditions

Source : Arab news / 12 Jul 2013

The Women’s Charitable Society in Jeddah has organized a dates tree heritage festival at the InterContinental Hotel with the support of Princess Al-Anoud bint Abdullah bin Mohammad, wife of Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal.

The two-day festival, which started yesterday, presents many varities of dates that are grown in Saudi Arabia.


Ankara slammed for violating women rights

Source : Presstv / 9 July 2013

A Turkish politician has slammed the government for violating the rights of millions of women who prefer to observe the Islamic dress code.

Fatma Bostan Unsal, who's one of the founders of the ruling Justice and Development Party back in 2001, said over 13 million hijab-wearing women are barred from contesting the parliamentary elections.


What is the ruling for women being taught by a mosque imam?

By / 29 June 2013


What is the ruling for women being taught by a mosque imam without a screen separating between them? Some people disapprove of this and claim that it is prohibited.


UK Muslim-Christian Cohesion Reaps Fruit

Source :  OnIslam & News Agencies / 26 June 2013

Reaping the fruit of community cohesion, a new group has been launched in the British city of Leicester to build on the successful cohesion between Muslims and Christians in Britain.

"The aim is to show people what Christian and Muslim women are doing in Leicester and how they have been coming together for a long time,” Julian Bond, director of the Christian Muslim Forum (CMF), told the BBC News Online on Tuesday, June 25.


Fasting Women

By ISWM / 21 June 2013

Dear fasting sister!

We are being approached by a month of mercy, forgiveness and salvation from Hell. It is the month of fasting, praying Qiyaam (the optional night prayer) and recitation of the Quran. It is a month during which rewards are multiplied and sins are expiated. It is a month that approaches us with all the immense mercy and abundant rewards that it includes. Numerous opportunities to perform different types of virtuous deeds are abound in this month.


Is it prohibited to remove the hair between the two eyebrows?

Source : / 29 May 2013


I am a teacher and my husband passed away; is it permissible for me to return to my work before the mourning period for my husband ends? Please note that it is the beginning of the school year and I am not eligible for any kind of leave.


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