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Activist urges Saudi women to drive on December 28

Source : Presstv / 5 Dec 2013

A Saudi female activist has called on other women to get behind the wheel again on December 28.

On Wednesday, activist Nasima al-Sada said the call is a "reminder of the right so it is not forgotten," AFP reported.


Thugs bash Muslim schoolgirl wearing hijab in Melbourne suburb

By Bob Pitt / 3 Dec 2013

Teenage thugs bashed a young Muslim girl wearing a hijab in what has been described as a racial attack in Wantirna South.

The high school student was walking home from Westfield Knox along Stud Rd when she was set upon by a group of teenagers, according to Knox councillor Joe Cossari, who said it was a racial attack. The teen was punched to the ground and kicked, but didn’t report the assault to police because she feared reprisals, Cr Cossari said.


New hostel to open for homeless Muslim women in UK

Source : World Bulletin / 2 Dec 2013

A UK-based Islamic charity, the National Zakat Foundation, is set to open their third hostel to help homeless Muslim women.

The charity has said that around 100 Muslim women, aged between 18 to 72, have contacted them since their two other hostels in London and Birmingham opened last year. They will now open one in Manchester.


No ‘Mahram’ no entry in court for female lawyers

Source : SG / 30 Nov 2013

Despite the Ministry of Justice assertion that judges have no reservations in dealing with female lawyers, many female attorneys disclosed that they were forced to come with their ‘mahrams’ (male guardians) to the court for identification, Al-Watan Arabic language daily reported on Thursday.

A female lawyer, who obtained a license for practicing law, said that she was forced by judges to bring a male relative to identify her in every court session, ignoring her national identity card.


Women's internet cafe opens in Yemen

By Agencies / 29 Nov 2013

Yemeni women at the Banat Cafe in Sanaa sip coffee and surf online. But this is a cafe with a difference it caters only for women. Tagreed Ali runs the cafe, she said it was down to a lack of decent space for women to get together that prompted her to open the 'Girls Cafe'.

“The other cafes are mixed, and even when they have a dedicated space for women, it is usually small and uncomfortable. So this was the first reason that encouraged us to open a women-only café,” she said.


France upholds headscarf firing

Source : World Bulletin / 28 Nov 2013

A French appeals court on Wednesday upheld the dismissal of a Muslim daycare worker for wearing a headscarf at a creche that demanded strict neutrality from its employees.

The Paris court's decision was announced at the same time as French lawyers defended the country's ban on full-face veils in public before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


Edmonton police set to unveil official hijab

By Joseph Brean / 27 Nov 2013

The Edmonton Police Service is to reveal a prototype official hijab for its officers this week, following testing to ensure its safety.

It is understood the Muslim headscarf would be black, and designed to be worn underneath the standard police cap.


Anti-veil 'beauty' campaign raises tensions in East Turkistan

Source : World Bulletin / 26 Nov 2013

Chinese authorities have launched the "Project Beauty" campaign, which aims to discourage women from covering their faces — a religious practice of some Muslim Uighurs women in the East Turkistan (Xinjiang) province.

A Xinjiang government web portal promoting Project Beauty did not mention banning veils directly, but listed its goals in promoting local beauty products and other goods, as well as encouraging women to be "practitioners of modern culture".


Indonesian Policewomen Can Wear Hijab While on Duty

Source : / 21 Nov 2013

Muslim leaders in Indonesia have welcomed a recent decision by the national police to allow policewomen to wear the hijab while on duty, a move that promises to quell long-standing complaints.

On June 20th, National Police chief Timur Pradopo announced that he would revoke the ban, and he has since assigned a team to draft new rules on policewomen and hijab, The Jakarta Post reported.


Sakena Yacoobi Wins Opus Prize, $1,000,000

By Yasmine Hafiz / 20 Nov 2013

Sakena Yacoobi, founder and president of the Afghan Institute of Learning, was announced as the winner of the 2013 Opus Prize, an award that "honors unsung heroes of any faith tradition with a $1 million award for efforts to solve today's most persistent and pressing global issues, including poverty, illiteracy, hunger, disease, and injustice."


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