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Women’s visits to hospitals without male guardians banned

By Rima Al-Mukhtar / Arab news / 20 Feb 2014

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Haia) has officially prevented women from visiting medical clinics without male guardians.

This came after a member of the Council of Senior Scholars issued a “fatwa” (edict) prohibiting women from visiting male doctors without having male guardians present.


Afghan law to be revised after women’s rights pressure

Source : AFP / 18 Feb 2014

Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Monday ordered changes to a proposed law after international campaigners said the legislation would be a major setback for women’s rights.

The law was awaiting Karzai’s signature after being passed by parliament last month, but it was widely criticized as weakening protection for victims of domestic violence and of forced marriage.


Tunisia’s mufti supports possible face-veil ban

Source : Al Arabiya / 18 Feb 2014

Sheikh Hamda Saeed, Tunisia’s mufti, has declared his support of banning the face-covering niqab garment on security grounds, three days after the Interior Ministry said it was taking strict measures against women wearing the veil, news agency UPI reported.


Saudi Gazette appoints kingdom’s first female newspaper editor

By Ben Flanagan / Al Arabiya / 17 Feb 2014

The Saudi Gazette newspaper has appointed the country’s first female editor-in-chief, in what has been called a “historic” move in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Somayya Jabarti takes the reins of the English-language newspaper from Khaled Almaeena, who becomes editor-at-large.


EU condemns Afghan law barring abused women from giving evidence

Source : Trust.org / 13 Feb 2014

The European Union (EU) has condemned a draft law recently approved by the Afghan parliament, saying it would deny justice to victims of domestic violence, forced marriage and child abuse.

New legislation that bars relatives from testifying against each other, making it virtually impossible for abused women and children to accuse a family member, is awaiting President Hamid Karzai’s signature. Unless he vetoes it within 15 days it automatically becomes law.


Women no longer need identifiers at Saudi courts

Source : Arab news / 13 Feb 2014

The Supreme Judicial Council has decided that Saudi women no longer have to have males identify them at court hearings, and would only require their identity cards.

The council issued a circular to all the courts on Monday to announce its decision.
The move has been welcomed by Saudis.


Iranian women footballers to undergo gender tests

Source : Telegraph.co.uk / 12 Feb 2014

Iran's female footballers are to be given mandatory exams to prove that they are real women.

Footballers in Iran's professional women's league are to undergo mandatory gender tests to establish that they are fully female.


Staffing agency says no job for teenager ‘if she wears a headscarf’

Source : Dutch News / 08 Feb 2014

An 18-year-old girl who applied for a job at Roosendaal staffing agency All-In was shocked to be told she could not work there if she wore a headscarf.

The girl, named by free newspaper Spits as Leila, had not worn a headscarf to the interview but had done so during a previous internship. All-In asked her about this and added “we are a Dutch company and are allowed to make demands.”


Reserving space in Haram Mosque becoming a booming business

Source : IINA / 07 Feb 2014

Many women are profiting from reserving places in the Grand Mosque for other worshippers.

These women use their handbags, personal belongings, or chairs to reserve places for worshippers who pay for the service because they come late for prayer and cannot find suitable places to pray, according to a report in Saudi Gazette.


1 in 3 Saudis rejects nursing profession for women

Source : Arab news / 07 Feb 2014

The nursing profession for women is still frowned upon by almost a third of Saudi families because of customs and traditions.

This attitude is negatively impacting the majority of families who accept the profession.


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