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Is it permissible to pay kaffara [expiation] on mother behalf from the money she left?

Source : / 4 July 2013


My mother passed away without making up her missed fast days of Ramadan and this fact is known to all her children. Is it permissible to pay kaffara [expiation] on her behalf from the money she left?

Is surat al-Fatiha or any other sura recited for each deceased separately or is it possible to direct the reward of its recitation to all of them together?


What is the ruling for women being taught by a mosque imam?

By / 29 June 2013


What is the ruling for women being taught by a mosque imam without a screen separating between them? Some people disapprove of this and claim that it is prohibited.


Reciting the Qu`ran in a group

Source : / 21 June 2013


 What is the ruling for a group reading of surat Al-Kahf on Fridays? Some people object to this practice maintaining that it contravenes Islamic law.


Reciting the Qu`ran in a group is a matter sanctioned by Islamic law due to the generality of evidences on its recommendation.


How to Make a Proper Will

By Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari / 8 June 2013


What are the rules for making such a will, if one would like to make one? For a woman who has a husband, one son, three brothers, and whose both parents are alive?


Are Three Divorces Issued in One Sitting Counted as One?

By Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani / 3 June 2013

Ishaq ibn Ibrahim and Muhammad ibn Rafi‘narrated to us – and the wording is Ibn Rafi‘’s – Ishaq said: ‘Abd al-Razzaq reported to us, and Ibn Rafi‘said: narrated to us: Ma‘mar reported to us: from Ibn Tawus from his father from Ibn ‘Abbas, he said:

“Divorce, a divorce with three [issuances], in the time of the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and grant him peace) and Abu Bakr and two years of the caliphate of ‘Umar was [counted as] one. Then ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab said: ‘Verily, the people have hastened in a matter in which they used to have patience, so if only we were to enforce it on them.’ So he enforced it on them.” (Sahih Muslim)


Does Islam give a father the right to force his daughter to marry?

By / 30 May 2013


 Does Islam give a father the right to force his daughter to marry someone that she doesn’t want to marry? Can a woman end a marriage in Islam or is that solely the right of the man?



Is it prohibited to remove the hair between the two eyebrows?

Source : / 29 May 2013


I am a teacher and my husband passed away; is it permissible for me to return to my work before the mourning period for my husband ends? Please note that it is the beginning of the school year and I am not eligible for any kind of leave.


Glossary of Islamic Financial Terms

Source : IBFIM| 28 May 2013

The principles of Islamic Shari'ah governing commercial and financial transactions are extraordinary complex and elegantly simple

Bai` Bithaman Ajil

A contract of sale and purchase for the financing of an asset on a deferred payment and installment basis with a pre agreed payment period. The sales price includes a profit margin.


What is the Ruling on Cutting the Hair and Nails during Dhul Hijjah?

By Shaykh Abdurragmaan Khan / 28 May 2013


What is the ruling regarding shaving or clipping the nails during the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah, does it just apply to those going on Hajj?


Does one recite the Qunut aloud in Salah?

Source : / 20 May 2013

Question: Does one recite Qunut aloud in Salah? What is the proof for doing so if it is done?



According to the established verdict of the Madhdhab of Imam Ash-Shafi’i the Qunut is to be recited aloud. Imam An-Nawawi said,

والأصحندبالجهربهالامام, الصبحوغيرها


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