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Excerpts from 1,500-page Norway terrorist's manifesto

Source : Reuters
Oslo | 24 Jul 2011

A 1,500-page manifesto published on the Internet by Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian arrested for the killing of at least 93 people, sets out his reasons for Friday’s bomb and gun attacks.

Police confirmed that Breivik published the English language document on Friday only hours before the killings. Here are some excerpts from the document entitled “2083 — A European Declaration of Independence“:



Rothschilds against Arab Rulers - Causes and Mechanism of Arab Revolutions

By: Ali Vyacheslav Polosin

Source : | 23 Jul 2011

Muammar Gaddafi’s military success in Libya against the combined forces of NATO and the rebels' outright inefficiency suggest that the scriptwriters and stage directors of the rebellion are somewhere outside the country, and there are rather few ‘ardent revolutionaries’ and executives in Libya. The riot, co-ordinated via the Internet, has not developed into a revolution – either in a color one, or in any other in this country.


Arab Spring not Islamist uprising, says Muslim intellectual

Source : Robert Sibley | Ottawa Citizen
OTTAWA | 18 Jul 2011

The future of the Arab Spring is "unpredictable," and, indeed, hopes for democracy in the region could be derailed if the political situation becomes too divisive, says a prominent Muslim intellectual. "It is a very difficult reality we have now in these countries (Egypt and Tunisia)," says Tariq Ramadan. "The polarization . could in fact stop the democratic process itself."


'Ex-terrorist' rakes in homeland security bucks

Source : CNN Special Investigations Unit
Rapid City : South Dakota | 14 Jul 2011

Walid Shoebat had a blunt message for the roughly 300 South Dakota police officers and sheriff's deputies who gathered to hear him warn about the dangers of Islamic radicalism.

Terrorism and Islam are inseparable, he tells them. All U.S. mosques should be under scrutiny.

"All Islamic organizations in America should be the No. 1 enemy. All of them," he says.


Washington appears to have OK'd attack on unarmed flotilla

Source : Stephen Zunes | Foreign Policy In Focus
Wednesday : 06 Jul 2011

The Obama administration appears to have given a green light to an Israeli attack on an unarmed flotilla carrying peace and human rights activists — including a vessel with 50 Americans on board — bound for the besieged Gaza Strip.


A real pullout or a shell game?

Source : Eric S. Margolis
NEW YORK : 25 Jun 2011

“Far-called our navies melt away — On dune and headland sinks the fire — Lo, all our pomp of yesterday — Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!” Rudyard Kipling “Recessional”

War is waged to achieve political objectives, not to kill enemies.   In this sense, the United States has lost the ten-year Afghan conflict, its longest war.

Afghanistan remains the “graveyard of empires.”


Secular State and Islamic Tradition in Russia

The state has neutral policy concerning the matters of citizens' attitude towards religion.


Indonesia's president: 'We can be model for Islam and democracy'

Source | CNN
Jakarta | 15 Jun 2011

Indonesia's transition from an autocracy to a vibrant democracy can be an example to those countries in the Middle East experiencing political upheaval, says the country's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

"Indonesia can be a model where Islam and democracy exist hand in hand, with no contradiction between the two," he told CNN.


Erdogan: The boy bread vendor who changed Turkey

Source : Ece Toksabay & Ibon Villelebeitia | Reuters
ISTANBUL | 09 Jun 2011

When Tayyip Erdogan sold bread rolls as a boy on the old streets of Istanbul, Turkey was a country caught in a cycle of army coups. It languished on the fringes of Europe. Pious Turks were the underdogs of society.

As Erdogan moves toward his second decade as prime minister, Turkey could not look more different.


Americans must give their Muslim brethren a break

Source : John L. Esposito | The Daily Star
Tuesday : 07 Jun 2011

Muslim Americans deserve a break. There are as many as 6-8 million Muslims living in the United States, where they have been contributing to the country as doctors, engineers, artists, actors and professionals.


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