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Germany reports 20% rise in attacks on foreigners

Source : AP / 19 Jun 2014

The number of attacks against foreigners in Germany rose 20 per cent last year to the highest level since 2006, government figures released on Wednesday showed.

There were 473 xenophobic attacks in 2013, up from 393 the previous year, including three attempted homicides, according to the country's annual report on extremist activity.


Identifying As Muslim On Resumes May Lead To Fewer Job Opportunities

Source : Huffington Post / 18 Jun 2014

Recent college grads, take note: Mentioning a campus religion group on your resume — particularly a Muslim club — may lead to significantly fewer job opportunities.

Two new sociology studies find new graduates who included a religious mention on a resume were much less likely to hear back from potential employers.


US using Russia to distract Americans from domestic problems

Source : Presstv / 17 Jun 2014

James Fetzer, a philosopher of science, says the sanctions imposed by the United States against Russia are aimed at distracting the American people from their problems at home.


New study reveals FBI set up terrorism-related prosecutions

Source : RT / 16 Jun 2014

Nearly 95 per cent of terrorist arrests have been the result of FBI foiling its own entrapment plots as a part of the so-called post-9/11 War on Terror, a new study revealed.

According to the report entitled ‘Inventing Terrorists: The Lawfare of Preemptive Prosecution’, the majority of arrests involved the unjust prosecution of targeted Muslim Americans.


Shoppers leave GMO on shelves — survey

Source : ITAR-TASS / 06 Jun 2014

Shoppers are shunning genetically modified food, a Russian survey suggests.

Fifty-four percent of those questioned refused to buy anything labelled GMO, though 55% failed even to interpret the initials.

Those that did recognize GMO as  genetically modified organisms were classed as the well-educated of Moscow and St. Petersburg, returning figures of 71% and 70% in the poll results.


Most Russians want their country to dominate the globe - poll

Source : RT / 30 May 2014

The majority of Russians think their country should return to superpower status or at least become a regional leader, a new public opinion poll has shown.

According to research conducted by VTSIOM, the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion, 42 percent of the population want Russia to become “a great power, like the USSR was once.” Another 41 percent said that the country must become one of the 10 or 15 most developed and influential countries in the world. 10 percent wanted Russia to become the leader of post-Soviet nations and only 4 percent answered that Russia should not pursue goals of global or regional leadership.


Russia sees decline in smokers

Source : RBTH / 29 May 2014

Tobacco users in Russia decreased by more than 5 percent in 2013, and experts expect a new higher excise taxes to reduce further the sale of cigarettes.


Over 60% of US drone targets in Pakistan are homes – research

Source : RT / 26 May 2014

The CIA has been bombing Pakistan’s domestic buildings more than any other targets over the past decade of the drone war launched by the US, says the latest research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.


Saudi ranks high in public spending on education

Source : Tradearabia / 24 May 2014

Saudi Arabia has been ranked seventh globally for its high public spending on education in the latest 'Learning Curve Index' published by Pearson, a leading learning company, which rates the educational performance of 39 countries.  


Arab newspapers to become ‘extinct’ earlier, says researcher

Source : Al Arabiya / 21 May 2014

Newspapers in the Arab world are to become ‘extinct’ earlier than forecast due to the rapid rise of social media in the region, according to a key researcher.

Author Ross Dawson, who in 2010 published a ‘newspaper extinction timeline’, says he is revising his predictions of when printed papers will no longer be significant in the Arab world.


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