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Islamic banking assets could reach $1.8 trillion by end of 2016

Source:By KHALIL HANWARE | ARAB NEWS/Nov.17/2011

Islamic banks may be bolstered by a nearly doubling of assets within five years, as borrowers seek alternative methods of financing due to a cutback in lending at European and US banks, according to a report by Deutsche Bank.


Occupy activists march on NY stock exchange

Source: By Al Jazeera and Agencies/Nov.17/2011

Dozens of Occupy Wall Street protesters have been arrested as they attempted to march onto the New York stock exchange to mark two months since the movement against corporate greed began.


Kuwait: Hundreds of demonstrators sneak into parliament

Source: By www.muslimnews.co.uk/Nov.17/2011

  Hundreds of Kuwaiti demonstrators late Wednesday night sneaked into the country's parliament after the alleged brutal police actions in dispersing a rally marching toward the prime minister's residence, a witness said. 


Powers pressure Iran, IAEA chief "alerts world"

Source: ByBy Fredrik Dahl and Sylvia Westall/Reuters/Nov.17/2011

The six powers involved in diplomacy on Iran -- the United States, Russia,China, France, Britain and Germany -- overcame divisions exposed by a hard-hitting U.N. nuclear report on Iran last week and presented a united front toward Tehran.


Syrian army defectors attack security complex

Source:By KHALED YACOUB OWEIS | REUTERS/arabnews.com/Nov.16/2011

Syrian army defectors attacked an intelligence complex on the edge of Damascus early on Wednesday, the first such reported assault on a major security facility in the eight-month uprising against President Bashar Assad, activists said.


Karzai lays out conditions for US partnership

Source: By Al Jazeera and Agancies/Nov.16/2011

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said he wants the US and NATO to agree to stop carrying out night raids on Afghan homes as a pre-condition to Kabul signing a strategic partnership with Washington.


France summons Israeli envoy over Gaza attack

Source: By Al Jazeera and Agencies/Nov.16/2011

France has summoned the Israeli ambassador to Paris to a meeting at the foreign ministry after an air strike wounded the French consul in Gaza, along with his wife and daughter.


Palestine: Nine Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli army

Source:By IMEMC & Agencies/muslimnews.co.uk/Nov.16/2011

The Israeli army arrested nine Palestinian residents from different districts in the West Bank, the Palestine News & Info Agency reported on Tuesday.



Literary Aspects of the Qur’an: Al-Baydawi’s Interpretation of Alif Lam Mim Using the Rules of Tajweed

Source: By Dr M Mansur Ali/www.ilmgate.org 

The Qur’an, that inimitable symphony, the very sounds of which move men to tears and ecstasy, invigorated the barren hearts of camel shepherds and transformed them in to guiding stars for humanity. 


Dozens killed in bloody day in Syria

Source: By BASSEM MROUE | AP/arabnews.com/Nov.15/2011

Dozens of soldiers and security forces were gunned down by suspected army defectors in southern Syria, a deadly ambush that comes as President Bashar Assad increasingly appears unable to manage the crisis, activists said Tuesday.


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