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IDB chief urges EU not to repeat mistakes of the past

By Mushtak Parker | Arab News | Madrid /Dec. 4/2011

Ahmad Mohamed Ali, the president of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), the multilateral development agency of the Muslim world, has warned that the euro zone sovereign debt crisis is adversely affecting the Bank's member countries and urged European leaders to come up with the right solutions and not to repeat the mistakes of the past.


First police cadet with headscarf in Sweden

A few years ago it became possible to wear a headscarf as part of the police uniform, after some debate.

Donna Eljammal (26) is Sweden's first police cadet with a headscarf, Metro Se reported.

She had wanted to join the police long before she started wearing a hijab.

"Ever since I was little. I want to help others and move instead of just sitting in front of a computer."

A few years ago it became possible to wear a headscarf as part of the police uniform, after some debate.


Syria sets terms for admitting observers

By Agencies | Damascus / 05 Dec 2011

Syria has "responded positively" to an Arab League request to send observers to the country as part of a peace plan to end the nation's eight-month crisis, the Foreign Ministry said Monday.

But there appeared to be serious stumbling blocks. Syria demanded that the Arab League scrap recent decisions taken against Damascus, including economic sanctions and suspension of the country from the Arab League, before the protocol is signed.


Qur’an school in Syria empowering women

by Kamran Pasha
Source: Huffington Post

Women have been the heart and backbone of Islam from its beginnings. From the courage of Khadija, Prophet Muhammad’s first wife and first convert, to the scholarship and fiery independence of his later wife Aisha; from the political genius of Muslim queens such as Egypt’s Shajarat al-Dur and India’s Nur Jahan to the spiritual wisdom of female saints such as Rabia of Basra, Islam has been shaped and guided by the feminine hand since its earliest days.


First mosque in the UK was built by a Jew

By Roshan Mughal / Dec. 5/2011
Source: Express Tribune

The Khatib is delivering the Friday sermon and as the congregation listens quietly, a train passes by in the distance, rustling the leaves in this suburb of Woking in the British county of Surrey. Rising above the trees, the bright green dome and minarets of the Shah Jahan Mosque are a sight to behold in this busy commuter town.


Foreign interference in Syria fanning civil war

Target Syria – the strategic prize that outstrips Libya. The stage is set. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Libya 2.0 equals Syria? It’s more like Libya 2.0 remix. With the same R2P (”responsibility to protect”) rationale – starring civilians bombed into ”democracy”. But with no UN Security Council resolution (Russia and China will veto it). Instead, Turkey shines, fanning the flames of civil war.


Iranians claim to down US drone

Source: BBC /Dec. 5/2011

Iran’s armed forces have shot down an unmanned US spy plane that violated its eastern borders, military sources say.
Iranian media reports said the drone – identified as a type RQ170 – suffered minimal damage and was now in the hands of the armed forces.


Germany courts: schools can ban prayer

Source: BBC / Dec. 3 /2011

Germany’s top administrative court has ruled that a student does not have an automatic right to pray at school.


Russia wants to go back to negotiating with Iran

Source: / Dec. 3 /2011

Russia has claimed the UN can do no more to impose sanctions on Iran.
Russia's UN Ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, said on Friday that all avenues relating to Iran's nuclear program had been "exhausted" and that all parties should return to the negotiating table.


Kyiv's Largest Mosque Opens After 17-Year Construction

Kyiv -- The biggest mosque in the Ukrainian capital has officially opened 17 years after construction began, RFE/RL's Ukrainian and Tatar-Bashkir services report.

Construction of the Ar-Rakhma Mosque started in 1994. Part of the structure was completed by 2001, when local Muslims began using that part of the mosque. The finished building can accommodate up to 1,000 worshippers.


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