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Tragedy in Chirkei united the Muslims

On May 9 everyone in Dagestan woke up to a shocking and appalling news of an explosion and act of vandalism in Chirkei village cemetery of the Buinaksk district where Sheikh Said Afandi is buried.
Immediately information spread in the social networks that this monstrous act was committed by the natives of Endirey village in the Khasavyurt district of the Republic.

International conference "Traditional Islam in Russia and Zainulla Rasulev" to be held in Ufa

International scientific conference "Traditional Islam in Russia and Zainulla Rasulev" will be held from July 4-7, 2018 in Ufa, Bahskortostan.
The conference is dedicated to the 185th anniversary of the outstanding Bashkir religious and public figure Zainulla Rasulev (1833-1917). During the event, it is planned to discuss topical issues of the history of Russian Muslims, Rasulev's role in the development of traditional Islam and Sufism in Russia.
Main themes of the conference:

Crimea is getting ready for "Welcome, Ramadan!"

Holliday for children and adults "Hosh keldin, Ramadan" (Welcome Ramadan!) organized by religious and educational project "Faydaly Ilim" of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea will be held on May 12 in Simferopol.
The program of the festival includes a concert of the Emanet creative studio, contests, contests and quizzes for children and adults. Guests will be pleased with an exhibition of manual works by Muslim designers, children will be served with sweets.

Arab youths see Russia as top foreign ally, says survey

There has been a dramatic shift in the perception of America by young Arabs over the past two years, with a solid majority — some 57 percent — now regarding the US as an enemy rather than an ally.
Instead, Russia is increasingly regarded as the top non-Arab ally by young people in the region, with 20 percent seeing it as the region’s best friend outside the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

UN urges Myanmar to punish perpetrators of Rohingya attacks

The UN Security Council urged Myanmar’s government on Wednesday to fulfill its commitment to hold perpetrators of violence against Rohingya Muslims accountable and to address the root causes that led about 700,000 members of the ethnic minority to flee to Bangladesh.
The council press statement made no mention of the appeal by four human rights groups on Tuesday for the Security Council to refer Myanmar to the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity, including targeting the Rohingya.

Mufti of Tatarstan congratulated veterans on Victory Day

The mufti of the Republic of Tatarstan Kamil Hazrat Samigullin visited to congratulate the veterans of the Great Patriotic War on the coming Victory Day.
Early on the day he visited the Imam-hatib of the "Memory" mosque of the city of Kazan, Haris Hazrat Salikhov. Haris Hazrat is 91 years old. He went to the war in 17 years in 1944 and took part in battles. For courage, fortitude, and shown bravery, he was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree and received more than 30 medals.

"Immortal Regiment" procession to be held for the first time in Antarctica

Victory Day procession known as "Immortal Regiment" and popular in many corners of the world, this year for the first time will be held in Antarctica.
All 32 workers of the Novolazarevskaya station of the 63rd Russian Antarctic Expedition, as well as a group of polar explorers from India, will take part in the procession dedicated to the victory in the WWII.

Muslims honored the memory of those killed in the "Winter Cherry"

Head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, Mufti of Moscow Albir Hazrat Krganov visited Kemerovo and after the Friday prayer together with other Muslims prayed for patience of the relatives and familly members who lost their close ones in the Winter Cherry Mall blaze. 

All-Crimean Muslim subbotnik held in Crimea

All-Crimean Muslim subbotnik was held in all districts of Republic on the initiative of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Crimea. 
More than 150 people took part in the cleaning of the Abdal Simferopol cemetery: employees of the Crimean Muftiyat, imams and residents of the Akmechet, Beloye, Kamenka and Simferopol districts.

Sensational Majlis of Alims held in southernmost and ancient city of Russia

Republican Majlis of Alims in memory of the Companions of the Prophet ﷺ and Sheikh Muhammad Yaraghi was held in the historical Jum'ah Mosque of ancient Derbent in Dagestan. 
Derbent has hosted many gatherings of Muslims before, but this is the first time such a large-scale event is held in the historical jumah mosque with the participation of representatives of all Muslim communities of southern Dagestan. 

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