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Health Benefits of Figs or Anjeer

Source : OrganicFacts / 25 Sep 2014

The health benefits of figs or anjeer include treatment of sexual weakness, constipation, indigestion, piles, diabetes, cough, bronchitis, and asthma. It also helps in gaining weight after illness.


Supplication after adhan

Source : QuranandHadith / 25 Sep 2014

It was narrated that Jabir (RA) said: Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “Whoever says, when he hears the call to prayer (i.e. Adhan):

Allahumma rabba hadhi-hid-dawat it-ta’mmah wa-salat-il-qa’imah aati Muhammadan al-wasilah wa-al-fadilah, wab’athu maqaman mahmuda al-ladhi wa’adthu,

will be granted my intercession on the Day of Resurrection.”


Sharing in a Portion for ‘Aqiqah

Source : ShafiiFiqh / 25 Sep 2014

The ‘aqiqah is sunnah. Imams Ahmad and Tirmidhi related a hadith which Hakim made tashih of on the authority of Samurah that the Prophet (sallaAllahu alayhie wa sallam) said,


“The child is bonded by its ‘aqiqah, slaughter for it on the seventh day, shave its head, and give a name.”


Over two hundred pilgrims from Tatarstan make hajj

Source : Tatar-Inform / 25 Sep 2014

On Thursday, a first group of Tatarstan pilgrims travels on a direct flight from Kazan to Jeddah to make hajj. They are to be seen off by Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil Samigullin.

A total of 220 Muslims and six supervising imams travel on the same flight within the hajj programme sponsored by Tatarstan Muslim Spiritual Board.


Aussie Muslims threatened by wave of Islamophobia

Source : Presstv / 25 Sep 2014

A fresh wave of Islamophobia has swept through Australia, threatening the country’s Muslim community as they witness a rise in racially-motivated hate crimes, Press TV reports.

Community leaders have urged Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to condemn Islamophobia in the country, after reports of Muslim women being verbally abused and mosques defaced.


Erdogan attends New York's ‘Love of Prophet’ exhibition

Source : WorldBulletin / 25 Sep 2014

'Ask-i Nebi, Love of the Prophet,' an exhibition presenting works of art inspired by Muslims’ love for the Prophet Mohammed, has been opened to New Yorkers.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, opened the exhibition that was brought from Istanbul last Sunday. The exhibition was first opened in Istanbul for the birthday of the Prophet in April.


Most of Dubai residents happy, feel safe

Source : KhaleejTimes / 25 Sep 2014

A new study exploring social issues in Dubai revealed that Dubai residents ranked among the happiest in the world. The findings were announced on Monday by the Community Development Authority in Dubai (CDA).


A dream travel destination for centuries

By Rashid Hassan / 25 Sep 2014

The incredible land of Saudi Arabia has been a dream travel destination for centuries and millions of people visit the Kingdom each year from around the world to see this wonderful land.


Meeting of Council on Islamic Education in Russia held in Kazan

Source : islam.ru / 24 Sep 2014

A meeting of the Council on Islamic Education in Russia with the participation of the Mufti of Tatarstan was held Kazan. The event was attended by members of the Council on Islamic Education of Russia, as well as representatives of the Muslim schools of Tatarstan, Orenburg region, Kabardino-Balkaria, Dagestan and other regions of Russia. 


Winners of the XV International Qur'an Reciting Competition

Source : Muslim.ru / 24 Sep 2014

The finals of the XV anniversary Moscow International Qur'an Reciting Competition, organised under the patronage of Chairman of Russia Muftis Council mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin and Moscow City Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, took place on September 20 in Crocus City Hall. For two days, participants fr om more than 35 countries contended for the title of best hafiz.


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