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Philadelphia street renamed in honor of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, being a legend and a universal figure loved by everyone, is still being showered with honors three years after his death

Philadelphia has just renamed Philly’s 52nd Street after the late boxer, according to The Philadelphia Tribune.

“I just think he was more than a sports icon,” said Faruq Abdul Ghaffar, executive director of 400 Years Coalition, which is planning programs in the Philadelphia area to recognize the arrival and influence of Africans in America since 1619.


Religious symbols are banned in Canada

The Canadian government is preparing to introduce long-awaited, controversial legislation that would restrict religious symbols in numerous places.

A media report Tuesday with leaked details of the Parti Quebecois government's "Charter of Quebec Values" said the proposed policy will prohibit public employees from donning Sikh, Jewish and Muslim headwear or visible crucifixes in the workplace.


11-Year-Old Muslim Girl Gets Highest Possible IQ Score

UK Muslim student scored 162 points, placing her just ahead of Albert Einstein

A UK Muslim student has received the highest possible score on the Mensa IQ test, thus becoming the new face of braininess,  SBS reported.

“I was shocked when I got the result – I never expected to get such a good score,” Tara Sharifi, a student in UK’s Aylesbury High School, told The Bucks Herald.

“It was a joint decision between me and my parents to take the test.”


Houston Methodist Hospital Opens Muslim Prayer Room

Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital opened a Muslim prayer room June 11, designed by two of its own physicians, the Houston Chronicle reports.

“As a faith-based organization, Houston Methodist Willowbrook is dedicated to serving the medical and spiritual needs of people of all faiths and cultural backgrounds,” Keith Barber, CEO of Houston Methodist Willowbrook, said.


Iran, Russia square up to US sanctions with 12 accords

Iran and Russia have signed a dozen cooperation agreements covering energy, railway, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and tourism, with senior officials stressing the political will of the two countries to reinforce ties in the face of US sanctions.      

The agreements were signed as Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak visited Iran with a delegation of 120 businesspeople, including representatives of private and public companies.


NZ Sikh Community Donates $39,000 to Christchurch Victims

New Zealand’s Sikh community has donated $39,000 (NZD $60,000) to the victims of the Christchurch terrorist attack, Kashmir Walla reported.

“No amount of money can change what has happened, or bring back the lives lost. But we can offer our support to victims and their families, so they don’t have to bear this burden alone,” said Auckland-based Jaspreet Singh Rajpura who initiated this fundraising with the support of Sikh Supreme Society on 16 March.


Women in Islam Are Like Diamonds

Women in Islam are like diamonds. Allah creates these rules to protect them.

My name is Julia, and my Muslim name is Aysil. I am from Russia and I’m very happy to convert to Islam.

My lifestyle changed after Islam for the best because I started to believe in God; and this belief gave me power. And anything I ask, by time, Allah gives it to me; I’m very thankful, and Inshallah all people will feel the same.

Marriage in Islam


Yasmeen al-Maimani becomes first female pilot in Saudi commercial airlines

Yasmeen al-Maimani has become the first female pilot in commercial airlines in Saudi Arabia, six years after she obtained her aviation license from the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority.

In an Instagram post on Monday, she expressed her happiness by saying “thank God, I achieved my dream today. Released as First Officer” and publishing a picture of herself in the cockpit.


Muslims Praised for Cleaning Up Roads in Newcastle

The Muslim community in Newcastle has received huge praise for forming teams of volunteers to clean up streets in the city during Ramadan, Chronicle Live reported Wednesday.

“Your work is amazing and has made me smile,” wrote one local on Facebook, as others asked for the crew to visit their streets.

Another added: “If everyone helped in their own little part of the city we could all have a much cleaner environment to live in.”


A Muslim saved the child falling from the building

In the Sverdlovsk region of Russia a muslim native from Tajikistan Fakhrutdin Yusupov accidentally caught a baby thrown out of a window, the regional Investigative committee of the Russian Federation reports.

A construction worker from Tajikistan was talking with a friend he met on his way home when suddenly he saw a drunken man breaking a window and climbing out onto a window sill with a child in his hands. He didn't manage to persuade an aggressive person not to harm the child and at last he threw the baby out.


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