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Saudi Arabia gives $70m for Palestinian housing in Gaza

Source | Arabnews
RAMALLAH | 23 Jun 2011

A UN agency aiding Palestinian refugees said Wednesday that Saudi Arabia is contributing $70 million for new housing units in the Gaza Strip.

Israel has authorized construction of the 1,200 new homes and 18 badly needed schools in Gaza, in what would be one of the largest housing projects in the seaside territory in years, according to The Associated Press.


Iraq wants its missing billions back from US

Source : Middle East Online
Baghdad | 23 Jun 2011

Iraq's parliament speaker, who is on a visit to Washington, will query American officials about $17 billion in missing oil money, a lawmaker in Baghdad said on Wednesday.

Osama al-Nujaifi, who left for Washington on Tuesday, will bring up the question of the missing billions, which have been under investigation for years, said Baha al-Araji, head of parliament's anti-graft committee.


Dispute over hijab in women’s soccer in Canada, as Muslim youth referee barred

Source : Al Arabiya
Montreal : Canada | 23 Jun 2011

A dispute between FIFA and Iranian and Jordanian women soccer players over the right to wear religious Muslim headdresses during matches is expanding as it spreads across the Atlantic.

A Canadian soccer referee, Sarah Benkirane, was barred this week by Quebec’s Lac St. Louis Regional Soccer Association because she wears a hijab, a religious headdress that covers a woman’s hair, neck and ears in accordance with conservative Muslim dress code.


Anti-Muslim violence on the rise in Switzerland

Source | Islam Today
Thursday, 23 Jun 2011

Reports of incidents againsts Muslims increased in 2010, according to a new report.

Racial violence, particularly against black people, is also on the rise.

The report, by the Federal Commission Against Racism and an anti-racist NGO, said both recent migrants and people with Swiss citizenship were affected, and the majority of victims are men. The racist attacks are mainly serious verbal abuse, it said.


Islamic make-over for bus stops in Pakistan

Source : Al Arabiya
Karachi | 23 Jun 2011

Pakistan is decorating bus stops with Quranic verses and Islamic calligraphy to give a more spiritual flavor to the capital Islamabad, long considered one of the country’s most liberal cities.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) plans to roll out 100 new bus shelters -- known locally as sunshades -- painted with flowers and religious verses to spruce up the 1960s purpose-built capital.


Bangladesh to retain Islam as state religion

Source : Julhas Alam | AP
DHAKA | 22 Jun 2011

Bangladesh will retain Islam as the state religion in amendments the government is proposing to its constitution, a government minister said Tuesday.

A former military ruler declared Islam the state religion in 1988 by amending the charter, but it barely affected Bangladesh’s secular legal system mainly based on British common law.


Majority of Americans now favor fast Afghan exit — poll

Source : Reuters
WASHINGTON | 22 Jun 2011

A majority of Americans now want US troops to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible, according to a poll released on Tuesday, underscoring fading public support for the 10-year-old war as President Barack Obama gets ready to announce his Afghan drawdown plans.

The Pew Research Center poll found a record 56 percent of Americans now favor the 100,000 US forces currently stationed in Afghanistan be brought home as quickly as possible.


Yemeni tribal chief: Saleh return could spark war

Source : Ahmed Al-Haj | AP
SANAA : Yemen | 22 Jun 2011

The head of Yemen’s most powerful tribal confederation warned Tuesday that Yemen could plunge into civil war if President Ali Abdullah Saleh is allowed to return home.

Saleh is currently in Saudi Arabia, where he is receiving treatment for serious injuries from a blast early this month at his palace in the Yemeni capital that left him with severe burns and chunks of wood in his chest.


Ocean life on the brink of mass extinctions: Study

Source : Reuters | 21 Jun 2011

Life in the oceans is at imminent risk of the worst spate of extinctions in millions of years due to threats such as climate change and over-fishing, a study showed on Tuesday.Time was running short to counter hazards such as a collapse of coral reefs or a spread of low-oxygen "dead zones", according to the study led by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO).

"We now face losing marine species and entire marine ecosystems, such as coral reefs, within a single generation," according to the study by 27 experts to be presented to the United Nations.


Iran invites UN atom chief to see its nuclear sites

Source : Reuters
Tehran | 21 Jun 2011

Iran's nuclear energy chief said on Tuesday he had invited the head of the U.N. atomic agency to visit the Islamic state's nuclear facilities.

The rare meeting in Vienna between Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani and Director General Yukiya Amano of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) follows increasingly strained ties between Tehran and the U.N. body over the last year.


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