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Riyadh, Islamabad join hands to fight terror

Source : Syed Faisal Ali | Arab News
JEDDAH | 02 Jul 2011

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are working on a mechanism to jointly fight terrorism, Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik said here on Saturday.

“Terrorism is our common enemy and we want to eradicate it from the face of the earth. The enemies of the Kingdom are our enemies too. We are working to put in place an effective mechanism to fight them,” Malik said.


US took bodies of militants in Somalia after strike

Source : Malkhadir M. Muhumed | AP
NAIROBI : Kenya | 02 Jul 2011

US military forces landed in Somalia to retrieve the bodies of dead or wounded militants after a US drone strike targeted a group of insurgents, Somalia’s defense minister told The Associated Press on Friday.

The operation is at least the second time US troops have landed in Somalia after a targeted strike, though no forces have been stationed there since shortly after the “Black Hawk Down” battle that left 18 Americans dead in 1993.


Sri Lanka given 150 tons of dates for Ramadan

Source : Md Rasooldeen | Arab News
COLOMBO | 03 Jul 2011

The Kingdom donated 150 metric tons of dates to Sri Lanka last week for distribution at mosques during the coming holy month of Ramadan.

Ministry of Finance official Mansour Al-Yousef handed the consignment at a simple ceremony at the Saudi Embassy in Colombo on Friday to Abdul Hameed Mohammed Fowzie, Sri Lankan senior minister for urban affairs, in the presence of Farouk Mohamed Wazeer Ali, charge d’affaires of the mission.


Turkey recognizes Libya rebels, promises more aid

Source : Selcan Hacaoglu | AP
BENGHAZI : Libya | 03 Jul 2011

Turkey’s foreign minister recognized Libya’s rebel leaders as the country’s legitimate representatives and promised them an additional $200 million in aid during a visit Sunday.


A real pullout or a shell game?

Source : Eric S. Margolis
NEW YORK : 25 Jun 2011

“Far-called our navies melt away — On dune and headland sinks the fire — Lo, all our pomp of yesterday — Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!” Rudyard Kipling “Recessional”

War is waged to achieve political objectives, not to kill enemies.   In this sense, the United States has lost the ten-year Afghan conflict, its longest war.

Afghanistan remains the “graveyard of empires.”


US boat leaves Greece to join Gaza aid flotilla

Source : Agencies
Perama | 01 Jul 2011

American activists set sail from Greece on Friday aboard a boat set to take part in an aid flotilla to Gaza, braving threats from Israel, a ban by Athens and sabotages.

The boat, dubbed "The Audacity of Hope", left Perama port for the open seas, a Reuters witness said.

The boat is part of a flotilla of nine vessels and several hundred activists who say they want to deliver aid to Israel-besieged Palestinian territory.


Sadr intensifies campaign for US forces’ withdrawal

Source : Suadad Al-Salhy | Reuters
BAGHDAD | 30 Jun 2011

Muqtada Sadr is leading a campaign to bar US troops from cities and government buildings to pressure Baghdad and Washington to remove American forces from Iraq by year-end, officials said.

Members of Sadr’s political movement have asked about 10 provincial councils in central and southern Iraq, including the capital, Baghdad, and the oil hub, Basra, to pass resolutions to keep US forces out of cities and Iraqi facilities.


Arming Libya’s fighters violates UN vote: Russia

Source :  Lutfi Abu-Aun | Reuters
TRIPOLI | 30 Jun 2011

Russia said on Thursday France’s arms drop to opposition fighting Muammar Qaddafi violated a UN arms embargo on Libya, a stance that could deepen divisions within a NATO alliance that wants him ousted from power.


Davutoğlu says Turkey sees its future in Europe

Source : World Bulletin
Ankara | 02 Jul 2011

Turkey's foreign minister said on Friday that Turkey saw its future in Europe.

Ahmet Davutoglu said Turkey had the will to integrate to the European Union (EU) in the possible shortest time.

"Turkey-EU relations require a new strategic perspective, and this strategic perspective is very obvious for Turkey," Davutoglu told a joint press conference with his German counterpart Guido Westerwelle in Istanbul.


Moroccan voters approve curbs on king's powers

Source : Agencies
Rabat | 02 Jul 2011

Morocco's King Mohammed scored a landslide victory in Friday's referendum on a new constitution he proposed to placate "Arab Spring" protests as voters defied critics who said it did little to curb his powers.

Taib Cherkaoui, the interior minister, announced shortly after the voting closed on Friday that the poll showed 98 per cent in favour of the changes, with 94 per cent of stations reporting.


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