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"Turkish Day" at Ramadan tent in Moscow

(Cihan news agency)

Source : Anadolu Agency
Moscow | 22 Aug 2011

The fast-breaking dinner took place in a tent erected by the Russian Council of Muftis.

More than 700 guests attended a fast-breaking dinner hosted by the Turkish Embassy in Moscow on Sunday as part of the "Turkish Day".

The fast-breaking dinner took place in a tent erected by the Russian Council of Muftis.


Saudi Prince Faisal opens world’s largest dates festival in Buraidah

Source : Md Al-Harbi | Arab News

BURAIDAH | 19 Aug 2011

Prince Faisal bin Mishaal, deputy governor of Qassim, inaugurated the 10th Buraidah Dates Festival late Thursday and commended the roles of public and private sectors to make the annual festival a big success.

Prince Faisal toured the various pavilions, including those for date palm plants and dates production as well as public and private sectors participating in the event.


King Abdullah launches SR80 billion Haram expansion project

Source : Badea Abu Al-Naja | Arab News
MAKKAH | 20 Aug 2011

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah on Friday launched the largest expansion of the Grand Mosque in history, which will increase the mosque's capacity to more than 2.5 million worshippers and cost SR80 billion.

Before laying the foundation for the new expansion, King Abdullah inspected models of the expansion project as well as other development projects implemented in Makkah and other holy sites.


Syrian protesters killed despite Assad pledge

Source : Reuters
Damascus | 20 Aug 2011

Syrian forces shot dead 14 protesters on Friday despite President Bashar al-Assad's pledge that his crackdown on dissent was over, activists said, as thousands marched across Syria, spurred on by U.S. and European calls for him to step down.

Most of the violence broke out in the southern province of Deraa where the five-month-old uprising against Assad erupted in March, triggering a harsh response in which U.N. investigators say Syrian forces may have committed crimes against humanity.


Egypt withdraws envoy in Israel

Source | Reuters
Cairo | 20 Aug 2011

Egypt said on Saturday it is withdrawing its ambassador from Israel pending an investigation by the Jewish state of the killings of Egyptian security personnel at the border, in a sign of rising tension between the two countries.

Egypt's cabinet also summoned the Israeli ambassador in Cairo in protest, demanding an apology from Israeli leadership over statements made accusing Egyptian military rulers of losing their grip on the Sinai peninsula.


Islam and Europe: an equal and opposite reaction

Source : Eric Walberg
Middle East Online |  20 Aug 2011

Ramadan exemplifies the powerful spiritual calling of Islam. Dry fasting is more a test of the spirit, the will, proof of devotion, than just some health gimmick. And it is precisely this cultivation of mass “mind over matter” that frustrates Western secularists, so used to indulging every consumer fetish on a whim. Why are Muslims so stubborn in nurturing ancient beliefs and rituals when they fly in the face of modern capitalist society? Secular critics dismiss Islam as a harmful, even dangerous anachronism. Why disrupt one’s busy day five times to pray, slow down the whole economic order for an entire month every year, ban alcohol and interest -- the bedrock of Western society?


Ramadan in Madinah: Five-star hotels that offer luxury and proximity to the Prophet’s Mosque

Source : Rima Al-Mukhtar | Arab News
Madinah | 17 Aug 2011

Praying in the Grand Mosque is equivalent to a 100,000 prayers’ reward; praying in my mosque is equivalent to a 1,000 prayers’ reward and in the Al-Aqsa Mosque is like 500 prayers’ reward,” said Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).


Turkish PM in Somalia to highlight famine

Source : Reuters
MOGADISHU | 18 Aug 2011

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan visited Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Friday to draw international attention to the famine sweeping across the Horn of Africa nation, threatening to kill hundreds of thousands of children

Erdogan, accompanied by his family and five cabinet ministers, has in the past days appealed for more food aid for the drought-hit nation and lashed out at wealthy Western nations for not doing more.


Ramadan tent in Moscow offers festive activities

Source : Cihan news agency
Moscow | 18 Aug 2011

A Ramadan tent set up in the Russian capital of Moscow offers iftar dinners and festive Ramadan activities for locals and Muslims who live in the city.


Worshippers relish traditional Madinah hospitality

Source : Yousuf Muhammad | Arab News
MADINAH | 18 Aug 2011

Serving iftar meals to help visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque break their fast is part of the rich tradition of the people of Madinah that dates back to the period of the Prophet (peace be upon him).


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