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Bosnian Muslims celebrate Holy Ramadan

Source : Anadolu Agency
Saraevo | 23 Aug 2011

The holy month of Ramadan is being celebrated in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Bosnia-Herzegovina, which was ruled by Ottoman Empire nearly for 500 years, reflects the traces of Turkish culture on every corner of the country.


Muslim Serbians keep Ramadan alive

Source : Cihan news agency
Novi Pazar | 23 Aug 2011

Traditions rooted in Turkish culture are being kept alive during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan by the Bosnian population living in Serbia, as reported by the Anatolia news agency.

Traces of Turkish culture and traditions are evident the Sandzak region, home to many Muslim Bosnians.

The spirit of Ramadan in the region can be seen at dinner tables, in mosques and during festivities throughout the month.


It’s Bashar's turn: Syrian protesters

Source : Elizabeth A. Kennedy | AP
BEIRUT | 23 Aug 2011

Taking inspiration from the rapid unraveling of the regime in Libya, thousands of Syrians poured into the streets Monday and taunted President Bashar Assad with shouts that his family’s 40-year dynasty will be the next dictatorship to crumble.


Fighting resumes as 'captured' Qaddafi son resurfaces

Source : Ben Hubbard | AP
TRIPOLI  23 Aug 2011

Fresh fighting erupted in Tripoli on Tuesday hours after Muammar Qaddafi’s son Seif Al-Islam turned up free to thwart Libyan rebel claims he had been captured, a move that seems to have energized forces still loyal to the embattled regime.

Rebels and pro-regime troops fought fierce street battles in several parts of the city, a day after opposition fighters swept into the capital with relative ease, claiming to have most of it under their control.


International Islamic Conference in Grozny

Source : IslamDag
Grozny | 23 Aug 2011


Makhachkala organizes charity iftars

Source : Ibrahim Abdulaev | IslamDag.info
Makhachkala | 23 Aug 2011

(IslamDag) - It has become a good tradition to organize charity iftars - fast breaking dinners during Ramadan in Makhachkala, Dagestani capital. Central Jum`a Mosque courtyard is filled with tables for Muslims to break their fast.


Vinegar contaminated with antifreeze kills Chinese Muslims at Ramadan meal

Source : The Guardian
Hotan : China | 22 Aug 2011

Vinegar tainted with antifreeze is suspected of killing 11 people and making a further 120 ill after a communal Ramadan meal in China's far western region of Xinjiang.

Investigators suspect the victims consumed vinegar that was put in two plastic barrels that had previously been used to store toxic antifreeze, the official Xinhua news agency reported.


It's 'game over' for Gaddafi as rebels take over Tripoli's centre

Source : Al Jazeera
TRIPOLI | 22 Aug 2011

Euphoric Libyan rebels have moved into the centre of the capital, Tripoli, as Muammar Gaddafi's defenders melted away and thousands of jubilant civilians rushed out of their homes to cheer the long convoys of pickup trucks packed with fighters shooting in the air.

The rebels' surprising and speedy leap forward, after six months of largely deadlocked civil war, was packed into just a few dramatic hours. By nightfall on Sunday, they had advanced more than 32km to Tripoli.


Worshipers throng mosques for 'qiyamullail'

Source : Badea Abu Al-Naja & Md Rasooldeen | Arab News
MAKKAH/RIYADH | 21 Aug 2011

The Grand Mosque in Makkah is filled to the brim with worshipers these days as hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have come from all over the world to perform Umrah and attend taraweeh and qiyamullail prayers, seeking the blessings of Lailat Al-Qadr (night of power).


Thousands found buried in Kashmir's unmarked graves

Source : Reuters
Srinagar | 22 Aug 2011

More than 2,000 corpses have been found buried in several unmarked graves in Indian-held Kashmir, believed to be victims of the pro-independence struggle, a government human rights commission said in a report.

The graves were found in dozens of villages near the Line of Control, the military line dividing Kashmir between India and Pakistan.


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