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UN: Somali refugee crisis is killing children

Source : Associated Press
GENEVA | 05 Jul 2011

The United Nations says many Somali children are arriving at refugee camps in neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia in such weak shape that they are dying within 24 hours despite emergency care and feeding.

A spokeswoman for the UN refugee agency says an unknown number of children under the age of five are dying from hunger and exhaustion as their families flee violence compounded by drought in Somalia.


Srebrenica victims win lawsuit against the Dutch

Source : Mike Corder | AP
THE HAGUE | 05 Jul 2011

The Netherlands is liable for the deaths of three Bosnian Muslim men slain by Serbs during the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, appeals judges ruled in a civil suit Tuesday, ordering the Dutch government to compensate the men’s relatives.


Britain pledges Afghan aid despite British pullout

Source : Associated Press
KABUL : Afghanistan | 05 Jul 2011

British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged Tuesday to maintain an enduring partnership with Afghanistan, promising to increase aid even as British troops begin to withdraw next year.

At a news conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Cameron also said Britain’s experience of drawing Irish Republican Army terrorists into Northern Ireland’s political process could guide Afghanistan’s own efforts to reconcile Taleban insurgents.


Russia blasts US for war abuses abroad

Source : Steve Gutterman | Reuters
MOSCOW | 05 Jul 2011

Russia urged the United States on Tuesday to give more scrutiny to allegations of human rights violations by US soldiers and agents during conflicts abroad, pointing to reported abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Foreign Ministry’s human rights representative said information from activist groups “gives reason to believe serious violations of international rights protection norms have occurred during US military operations” in those countries.


Israeli airstrike kill 2 in Gaza

Source : Ibrahim Barzak | AP
GAZA CITY | 05 Jul 2011

An Israeli aircraft fired at Gaza fighters about to launch rockets at Israel, killing two in the deadliest cross-border fighting in three months.

In a separate incident, Gaza fighters fired at an army vehicle patrolling along the border in southern Gaza, lightly wounding the driver, the army said.

Relatives of the dead men said they were civilians, and local groups did not claim responsibility.


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Tens of thousands of Yemenis flee violence in south

Source : Reuters
ADEN | 04 Jul 2011

Some 54,000 Yemenis have fled the flash point southern province of Abyan since militants took over its capital last month, a government official said on Sunday, as fighting intensified in the area.

Mass protests demanding an end to President Ali Abdullah Saleh's three-decade rule and a political impasse continue to paralyze Yemen, as he recovers in Riyadh from an assassination attempt.


US gay pride event in Pakistan is ‘cultural terrorism'

Source : Al Arabiya
Karachi | 05 Jul 2011

Just when it seemed relations between the US and Pakistan couldn’t get worse, a new wrinkle has developed, this time over US sponsorship of a gay pride event in Islamabad.


Flotilla ship intercepted by coast guards

Source : Al Jazeera
Crete | 05 Jul 2011

A Canadian ship taking part in a planned aid flotilla to Gaza has been forced to return to harbour in Crete after an attempt to reach international waters was thwarted by coast guards, according to onboard activists.


China "silencing Uighurs"

Source : Agencies
Urumqi | 05 Jul 2011

Amnesty International on Tuesday slammed an ongoing crackdown on Muslim Uighurs in their homeland, "East Turkistan", what China calls Xinjiang", two years after deadly riots rocked the region.

More than 200 people were killed and 1,700 injured -- according to official figures -- when street battles between ethnic Han Chinese and Muslim Uighurs exploded in capital Urumqi on July 5, 2009.


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