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Ramadan in Madinah: Five-star hotels that offer luxury and proximity to the Prophet’s Mosque

Source : Rima Al-Mukhtar | Arab News
Madinah | 17 Aug 2011

Praying in the Grand Mosque is equivalent to a 100,000 prayers’ reward; praying in my mosque is equivalent to a 1,000 prayers’ reward and in the Al-Aqsa Mosque is like 500 prayers’ reward,” said Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).


Turkish PM in Somalia to highlight famine

Source : Reuters
MOGADISHU | 18 Aug 2011

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan visited Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Friday to draw international attention to the famine sweeping across the Horn of Africa nation, threatening to kill hundreds of thousands of children

Erdogan, accompanied by his family and five cabinet ministers, has in the past days appealed for more food aid for the drought-hit nation and lashed out at wealthy Western nations for not doing more.


Ramadan tent in Moscow offers festive activities

Source : Cihan news agency
Moscow | 18 Aug 2011

A Ramadan tent set up in the Russian capital of Moscow offers iftar dinners and festive Ramadan activities for locals and Muslims who live in the city.


Worshippers relish traditional Madinah hospitality

Source : Yousuf Muhammad | Arab News
MADINAH | 18 Aug 2011

Serving iftar meals to help visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque break their fast is part of the rich tradition of the people of Madinah that dates back to the period of the Prophet (peace be upon him).


Ramadan and the making of our moral fiber

Source : Mariam Murphy |  Al Jumuah
08 Aug 2011  

Ramadan is here, and as we move through this blessed month there are many goals we've planned to reach. Each person is unique and will have individual goals, but here are five aspects of worship that we ought to work on this Ramadan.


OIC pledges $350 million to Somalia at Turkey summit

Source : Reuters
Istanbul | 18 Aug 2011

Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries have pledged $350 million in aid to fight famine in Somalia at an emergency summit in Istanbul, OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said on Wednesday.

With some 3.7 million Somalis at risk of starvation in the Horn of Africa country, Ihsanoglu said he hoped the aid would soon reach $500 million and urged donors to improve drought-stricken Somalia's long-term food security by helping it rebuild infrastructure and agriculture.


Ramadan in Makkah: Hotels that offer luxury and proximity to the Grand Mosque

Source : Rima Al-Mukhtar | Arab News
Makkah | 10 Aug 2011

"Umrah in Ramadan is equivalent to Haj with me,” said Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). As a result, Muslims from all over the world wish to perform Umrah especially during Ramadan.

Makkah receives visitors and guests in large numbers in the holy month; many of them stay in hotels near the Grand Mosque to be able to view the Holy Kaaba from their rooms.


Ramadan recipes: Harira

Source : Selma Roth | Arab News
Jeddah | 17 Aug 2011

Harira is a very popular Moroccan soup, mixing chickpeas, lentils, lamb and celery with spices as turmeric, cinnamon, and saffron. Traditionally, it is eaten to break the fast in Morocco during Ramadan, as the soup is gentle for the empty stomach and full of important vitamins. In Saudi Arabia, it is one of the main soups in Ramadan as well, along with lentil soup and soup with oats. Harira knows many versions — such as with beef, chicken, or vegetarian, or with beaten eggs stirred in at the end — so it definitely suits any taste!


‘Pilgrimage to Mecca’: The first British Muslim woman on record to have visited the Holy Cities of Madinah and Makkah

Source : Lisa Kaaki | Arab News
17 Aug 2011

During the 19th century, many women, particularly Englishwomen, were fascinated by the Arab world. Most of these female travelers, like Lucie Duff Gordon, Lady Ann Blunt, Gertrude Bell, Isabelle Eberhardt and Freya Stark, to name but a few, are known to us through their impassioned travelogues.


Mubarak slams Syria’s Assad, advises him to step down: report

Source : Al Arabiya with Agencies
Cairo | 17 Aug 2011

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has criticized President Bashar Al Assad’s crimes in Syria, advising him to respond to the will of his people and step down, Egyptian newspaper Al Gomhouria reported on Wednesday, quoting a “source close” to Mr. Mubarak.

Mr. Mubarak reportedly made the comments from a special wing of the International Medical Center where he is being held during his trial.


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