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Blasts rock Tripoli, NATO targets Qaddafi compound

Source : Missy Ryan | Reuters
TRIPOLI | 24 Jul 2011

Explosions rocked central Tripoli for the second night in a row and Britain said weeks of NATO bombardment had inflicted extensive damage on Muammar Qaddafi’s heavily-fortified compound.

Libya’s leader is clinging to power despite a four-month-old NATO air campaign and a lengthening conflict with opposition fighters seeking an end to his 41-year rule and who have seized large swathes of the North African country.


Excerpts from 1,500-page Norway terrorist's manifesto

Source : Reuters
Oslo | 24 Jul 2011

A 1,500-page manifesto published on the Internet by Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian arrested for the killing of at least 93 people, sets out his reasons for Friday’s bomb and gun attacks.

Police confirmed that Breivik published the English language document on Friday only hours before the killings. Here are some excerpts from the document entitled “2083 — A European Declaration of Independence“:



Panel probes Bahrain protest crackdown

Source : Al Jazeera
Manama | 25 Jul 2011

A legal panel appointed by the king of Bahrain is starting its inquiry into a crackdown on protests that left more than 30 people dead earlier this year.

Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa, who set up the fact-finding mission following diplomatic pressure, said the panel is "completely independent and consists of international experts".


Syria is to allow political parties, state agency says

Source : BBC
Damascus | 25 Jul 2011


Israel’s Lieberman won’t quit on apology to Turkey

Source : Dan Williams | Reuters
JERUSALEM | 24 Jul 2011

Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Sunday he would not quit the coalition government if it decides to apologize to Turkey for killing 9 Turks aboard a pro-Palestinian activist ship last year.

Lieberman, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s most powerful and hawkish political partner, has publicly scorned meeting Ankara’s demand that Israel atone for storming the Mavi Marmara as it led an aid flotilla toward the blockaded Gaza Strip.


Rothschilds against Arab Rulers - Causes and Mechanism of Arab Revolutions

By: Ali Vyacheslav Polosin

Source : | 23 Jul 2011

Muammar Gaddafi’s military success in Libya against the combined forces of NATO and the rebels' outright inefficiency suggest that the scriptwriters and stage directors of the rebellion are somewhere outside the country, and there are rather few ‘ardent revolutionaries’ and executives in Libya. The riot, co-ordinated via the Internet, has not developed into a revolution – either in a color one, or in any other in this country.


Business ethics in Islam

Source : Syed Asad | Dawn Newspaper | 22 Jul 2011

The term ‘business ethics’ refers to the behavior that a business organization is supposed to adhere to in its interaction with society, transactions with customers and in its internal affairs. The concept of business ethics is as old as business itself.

Initially, different cultures and regions had different ethics of business. With increasing globalization, the various sets of business ethics are continuously acquiring common values and forms. Islam has given guiding principles for all human activities and also prescribes and explains the ethics of business.


Kashmiris protest over rape by Indian soldiers

Source : Associated Press
SRINAGAR | 22 Jul 2011

Thousands hurling rocks and shouting anti-India slogans protested in a remote village in Indian Kashmir on Friday, after a woman told police she was abducted and raped by army soldiers stationed in the Himalayan region.


The religion of modern science; Roots of modern God-free thinking

By: Harun Yahya
21 Jul 2011

"Modern science directly implies that the world is organized strictly in accordance with mechanistic principles. There are no purpose principles whatsoever in nature. There are no gods and no designing forces that are rationally detectable. Second, modern science directly implies that there are no inherent moral or ethical laws, no absolute guiding principles for human society. Third, human beings are marvellously complex machines. The individual human becomes an ethical person by means of two primary mechanisms: heredity and environmental influences. Fourth, we must conclude that when we die that is the end of us." - One of the contemporary supporters of Darwinism Prof. William Province, Cornell University


India weddings faulted for prodigious food waste

Source : Nirmala George | AP
NEW DELHI | 21 Jul 2011

When the daughter of businessman Mohammed Sultan got married recently, guests were treated to a lavish 30-course meal served in super-sized silver platters.

The Kashmiri feast, prepared by an army of chefs, included more than 20 meat and kebab dishes rich with spices to go with the saffron-flavored rice and naan breads.

Hours later, after the more than 500 guests had eaten their fill, the leftovers were dumped by the cartload at a nearby garbage site.


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