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Filipino Muslim rebels clash over land; 6 killed

Source : JIM GOMEZ | AP

MANILA | 10 Aug 2011

Two commanders from the Philippines’ largest Muslim rebel group have clashed in a dayslong land feud that has killed at least six combatants and displaced hundreds of villagers in the southern Philippines, officials and the guerrillas said Wednesday.


Could Somali famine deal a fatal blow to al-Shabab?

Source : Farouk Chothia | BBC African Service
Mogadishu | 09 Aug 2011

Somalia's militant Islamist group al-Shabab is in crisis, as it battles to cope with the famine that is far worse in areas under its control than other parts of the country, leading to reports of splits in the leadership of the al-Qaeda-linked group.

The famine has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee the Lower Shabelle and Bakool regions in search of food.


French fast food chain keeps Halal branches open till midnight for Ramadan

Source : Islam Today
Paris | 10 August 2011

In France this year, with sunset coming well after 9 PM, one leading fast food chain is seeking Muslim business by keeping its doors open an extra two hours.

Since 1 August, halal branches of Quick restaurants, France's leading fastfood chain, have extended their business hours from 10 PM until midnight to accommodate their Muslim customers who have to wait until after sunset to eat.


Syria ‘heading to point of no return’

Source : Agencies
CAIRO | 09 Aug 2011

Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Amr said Tuesday he feared that revolt-hit Syria was “heading to the point of no return” and called for an immediate end to violence.

“Egypt is following with extreme concern the dangerous deterioration of the situation in Syria,” Amr said, expressing “his concern that the situation in Syria is heading to the point of no return,” the news agency MENA news agency reported.


In tit-for-tat, Iran urges UK to stop police violence

Source : The Guardian   
TEHRAN | 10 Aug 2011

Iran has called on the British government to "restrain" the police and stop the "violent treatment" of rioters.

The foreign ministry spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, said dialogue would calm the situation, and urged the UK to respond to the demands of the "protesters". He also asked human rights organisations to investigate the death of Mark Duggan, which led to the riots.


You are fasting, but someone eat at your elbow?!

"The angels bless the fasting person, when someone eats near him".

Walking down the street we sometimes see how certain people instead of keeping the fast, eat, drink or nibble sunflower seeds. Some become annoyed at this sight, others turn away, so as not to tempt themselves.

They try to show patience as they understand that God bestowed them the best, i.e. fasting. The refusal of the fasting testifies the weakness of the faith of this man.


From Convert to True Muslims

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers
Cairo | 09 Aug 2011

Every year, Brunei’s Muslims welcome new members of their community as hundreds of people choose to embrace the Islamic faith.

"We guide them so that they will practice Islam in their life,” Abd Aziz Hj Abd Kahar, head of Islamic and Mualaf Guidance Conservation Section at the Islamic Da'wah Center, told Asia One News.

“We wanted them to be a true Muslims, that are balanced internally and externally.”


Indonesian Muslims appalled by beheading of woman

Source : Andrew Higgins | Washington Post
Jakarta : Indonesia | 10 Aug 2011

As leader of Indonesia's - and the world's - largest Muslim organization, Said Aqil Siraj used to get pelted with angry e-mails and text messages whenever he questioned Saudi Arabia's rigid, ultra-puritanical take on Islam.

But the often menacing messages recently stopped - cut off by a single stroke from a Saudi executioner's sword to the neck of an Indonesian maid in Mecca.


Possessions are purified by paying zakah to the needy

Source : Cihan News Agency
Beijing | 09 Aug 2011

Zakah, or almsgiving, is one of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims who have accumulated wealth must pay at least 2.5 percent of it to those in need each year. While zakah can be paid anytime during the year, many people prefer to pay it during the month of Ramadan.


The Real Purpose of Fasting

By: Abul Ala Mawdudi

A purpose for every work

There are essentially two component factors in any work which a man has to perform. The first thing is the purpose for which a work is done and the second thing is the particular shape of that work which is chosen to achieve that purpose. For instance, take the case of food your object in taking food is to remain alive and maintain your strength. The method of achieving this object is that you take a morsel, put it in your mouth, masticate it and push it below the throat. This method is adopted by you since it is the most effective and proper one to achieve this object. But everyone of you knows that the main thing is the purpose for which food is taken and not the form and procedure of this action.


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