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Lebanese, Israeli troops exchange fire on border

Source : Amy Teibel | AP
JERUSALEM | 01 Aug 2011

Israeli and Lebanese troops briefly exchanged fire Monday on the countries’ border, a volatile area where tensions can easily reignite hostilities between the two nations.

Officials on both sides reported no casualties and each blamed the other for the clash.

The Israeli military said Lebanese army soldiers fired on Israeli troops conducting a routine border patrol in Israeli territory, provoking the Israeli soldiers to return fire.


Israeli army kills two Palestinians in West Bank

Source : Xinhua
RAMALLAH | 02 Aug 2011

Israeli troops shot dead two Palestinians and wounded three others during a military operation in the West Bank Monday, various sources said.

The Israeli army raided Qalandiya refugee camp between the cities of Ramallah and Jerusalem in a routine operation to arrest wanted Palestinians, Israeli media reported.

During the operation, clashes erupted between families and the Israeli force, where soldiers responded with live fire to people throwing rocks and empty glasses.


Libyans start Ramadan fast amid conflict, divisions

Source : Reuters
BENGHAZI : Libya | 01 Aug 2011

Libyans on both sides of the front line began fasting for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan on Monday with no sign of any let-up in the five-month conflict that has divided their country.

Several explosions rocked the capital, Tripoli, overnight as the NATO coalition vowed to push on with a bombing campaign.


Turkey stable after 'four-star quake'

Source : Reuters
ISTANBUL | 30 Jul 2011

President Abdullah Gul denied Saturday that Turkey faced a crisis after the resignation of the country's four most senior military commanders, but acknowledged this had created an "extraordinary" situation.

The departure of the generals has caused turmoil in the military, giving Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan an opportunity to extend his authority over the once-dominant armed forces, the second biggest in NATO.


Cain apologizes after meeting with Muslim leaders

Source : Associated Press
WASHINGTON | 28 Jul 2011

Republican Herman Cain is apologizing to Muslim leaders for vitriolic remarks he made about Islam while campaigning for the presidential nomination.

The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO has said communities have a right to ban Islamic mosques because Muslims are trying to inject sharia law into the US He’s also said he would not want a Muslim bent on killing Americans in his administration.


OIC calls on Somali sides to stop fighting

Source : Agencies
ISTANBUL | 29 Jul 2011

Member states of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) gathered in Istanbul Thursday to coordinate an emergency response to the devastating drought in Somalia.

"In such a large-scale disaster, we need to join hands together and to act collectively so as to counter the spread of the calamity and to save as many lives as we possibly can," OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu of Turkey told a meeting of the organization's relief aid agencies.


Ramadan fasting begins

Source : www.IslamDag.info
Makhachkala | 31 Jul 2011

Dagestan will start the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan on Monday along with most other Gulf states, Dagestani Mufti Ahmad Haji Abdulaev said on Saturday.

"I ask Allah to give us the opportunity, strength and health to perform our best worship for Him in this holy month, so that we can commit more good deeds" - he said on nationwide TV address.


Italian politician suspended for praising ideas of Oslo's Christian terrorist

Source : Islam Today
Rome | 01 Aug 2011

Italian media say an official from an anti-foreigners party in Premier Silvio Berlusconi's right-wing coalition has been suspended for saying millions of Europeans share ideas espoused by the Norwegian who carried out the deadly bombing and shooting rampage.


Stop anti-Muslim rhetoric: Nobel Chairman

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers
Cairo | 01 Aug 2011

The Norwegian chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize has urged European leaders to stop using rhetoric that gives ammunition to far-right groups to fuel sentiments against Muslim immigrants, following the killing of dozens of civilians by a Christian fanatic in Norway.

"Political leaders have got to defend the fact that society has become more diverse,” Thorbjorn Jangland told the Guardian.


Mystery "creation" particle evades scientists: CERN

Source : Reuters

25 Jul 2011

The mysterious "creation" particle believed to have turned flying debris into stars and planets at the dawn of the universe has evaded capture in a year of hot pursuit, physicists said on Monday.

Rolf Heuer, director-general of the CERN research centre near Geneva, said he was now looking to 2012 to turn up traces of the particle, the Higgs Boson, and signs of other concepts that were once the preserve of science fiction.


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