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Syria on the road to normalcy after tackling unrest

By Islam Times | 6 May 2012 

The recent turn of events has changed the course of Syria's history and those nations that were planning another Iraq-like war in Syria have been disappointed.

The peace plan introduced by the UN special envoy Kofi Annan is soon to be realized and our brothers in Damascus will no longer have to fear an attack from tyrant powers. The blood of Syrian martyrs, both civilians and soldiers, has not been shed in vain and today the Syrians' support for Assad is stronger than ever before.

A lot has been spoken and a lot more written, but sadly very little has been understood about Syria. Majority of the world understands Syria or the Middle East through the eyes of Fox News, CNN, BBC, etc, the very media houses that said a decade ago that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, and justified the occupation of Iraq and it took the world years to realize that they were in for a ride, a royal one. However, many innocent people still haven't realized how they are fed with manufactured news. Iraq was just one example, there are many more, but only if we open our eyes and wish to see.

Syria is the latest one. Damascus has been experiencing unrest since mid-March 2011 and many people, including security forces, have been killed in the turmoil. The Syrian government is often portrayed in the Western media as a tyrant regime that is involved in genocide of its innocent civilians, and the champions of human rights like Washington, London, Tel Aviv, Paris, etc are all selflessly working for the freedom of Syrians.

The current unrest in Syria has its roots in the Islamic awakening that began in 2011. The entire Arab world and some nations of North Africa began protesting against their rulers and demanding a democracy. Nations like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia were all demanding a democracy from their rulers. Some got their demands fulfilled and some are yet to be fulfilled. Syria was one of the first nations to introduce reforms in their constitution and to hold a free and fair parliamentary election. However, certain hegemonic powers and their friends in the Middle East have twisted and misinterpreted the situation for their selfish interests.

Instead of helping Damascus against terrorists and anti-social elements causing unrest and bloodshed, these so-called superpowers and their puppets are arming and training such groups to kill innocent civilians, topple the government and eventually pave the way for another Iraq or Afghanistan.

In an interview, Paul Sheldon Foote, professor at the California State University, Irvine said: "I think it’s time that someone started telling the truth about it. It’s very obvious that America, Israel and some Arab countries are behind this terrorism in Syria. A big lie for a long time, that America’s been at war with terrorism while they continually support terrorism in the region. It’s outrageous what they’re doing. Not only that, they’ve used that as an excuse in America for taking away our freedoms. It’s time for the people in the West to wake up to what’s really happening. It affects not only Syria but it affects all of us in the West too.”

According to reports, the Syrian Army in Homs has arrested dozens of French, British and Arab citizens and taken possession of weapons made in the US, Europe and even Israel. NATO military leaders had been in touch with and guiding the Syrian armed opposition through advanced communication apparatuses via a US satellite. These devices were also in contact with French satellites, whose mission was to monitor any movement in Syria and Lebanon.

Some weapons seized in Homs are so advanced that they cannot be possibly used by ordinary people or gunmen belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafis or al-Qaeda. They should be used by trained Western gunmen. In the second meeting of the 'Friends of Syria' held in Istanbul, many nations were opposed to arming the Syrian opposition groups, however, Britain, U.S, France and Turkey declared their support for armed groups in Syria and Saudi Arabia and Qatar have accepted responsibility to sponsor and arm the Syrian opposition and the rest engaged in hindering the plan by Kofi Annan. A source close to the group has revealed that a number of Persian Gulf Arab states will pay the monthly salary of this militant group and that “a multi-million-dollar sum will be paid per month.”

Nevertheless, the participants in Istanbul meeting have apparently agreed to oppose foreign military intervention in Syria and overthrow the Syrian government by pressure. Press releases indicate that some Arab rulers are secretly in contact with Damascus. According to informed sources, nations like UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain have sent positive messages to the Syrian government. The Presidency of Arab League being transferred to Iraq is another advantage for the Syrians, as Iraq which was itself a victim of foreign military intervention does not favor any foreign interference in Syria.

Moreover, Assad is being supported by BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, which during its latest summit adopted a different stance from that of the “Friends of Syria” in Istanbul. The group incorporates 40 percent of the global population and holds 20 percent of the world productions. Support of these nations was very important to Damascus in their testing times.

There is no doubt that Damascus is embroiled in unrest, bloodshed and pandemonium. But to say that the government is responsible for it is far from the truth. The very nations that are demanding military intervention in Syria are silent about Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Why are they not worried about them? If Bashar Al-Assad the president of Syria was their puppet like Saudi and Bahrain regimes, we would have had a different story about Syria, there would have been no arms supply from Turkey and other neighboring nations, no funding of rebels and terrorist organizations by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other rouge states and the former Assistant Commissioner of London Metropolitan Police, John Yates would have been in Syria and not in Bahrain killing peaceful pro-democracy protestors.

Those who love to tyrannize, create unrest and kill innocent people for their selfish ends need to realize that: whoever tyrannizes and oppresses the creatures of God, will earn enmity of God along with the hatred of those whom he has oppressed. Imam Ali (p.b.u.h)



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