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Ramadan in Madinah: Five-star hotels that offer luxury and proximity to the Prophet’s Mosque

The Prophet's Mosque in Madinah

Source : Rima Al-Mukhtar | Arab News
Madinah | 17 Aug 2011

Praying in the Grand Mosque is equivalent to a 100,000 prayers’ reward; praying in my mosque is equivalent to a 1,000 prayers’ reward and in the Al-Aqsa Mosque is like 500 prayers’ reward,” said Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

There are many accommodation packages abound during Ramadan, the time when the faithful desire to visit either of the two holy mosques in the Kingdom. Invariably, Muslims after performing Umrah in Makkah then visit the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah before departing for home.

The volume of visitors increases during this holy month, as the faithful are desirous of attending prayers at these two holy mosques.

The Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah offers a special kind of spirituality and peace and this is the main reason for Muslims flocking to Madinah the year round, but more so during Ramadan.

The sheer beauty of the experience and awe-inspiring feeling of humbleness overwhelm people who go to Madinah.

Most pilgrims look for hotels near the Prophet’s Mosque because they provide the faithful with a clear view of the serene edifice, and the proximity allows for them to hear the call to prayer or even the verses of the Qur’an as they are being recited by the imam.

Apart from the spiritual journey, Madinah is a city of dates. Various types of dates are available, and most shops selling them are situated near the mosque.

Many visitors to the city opt to stay near the mosque in luxury. With this in mind, Arab News surveyed the luxurious hotels near the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, and provides its pick based on their five star ratings and proximity to the holy mosque.

All hotels’ restaurants are open to guests and outside visitors. Room prices are available upon booking or on request from the hotel.


Dar Al Iman Intercontinental

Dar Al Iman Intercontinental Madinah occupies a choice spot on the Holy Prophet’s Mosque plaza. Surrounded by the city’s financial, commercial and shopping malls, the hotel is also within easy reach of historic sites including Jannatul Baki graveyard, the Badar Battlefield, Ohud Mountain, Al Qiblatain and Al Quba Mosques. The hotel comprises 13 floors with 278 rooms and their staff speaks six languages including Arabic, English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, and Punjabi.

The hotel offers iftar and suhoor meals at the Rothana Restaurant, which offers magnificent views of the Prophet’s Mosque and serves international and oriental Ramadan buffets. Guests can enjoy snacks and drinks at the Le Cafe located in the lobby.

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Madinah Hilton

This hotel is one of the best hotels in the region and offers full services in an excellent location right in front of the main gate of the Prophet’s Mosque. The hotel is also located in the heart of the city’s shopping district and the airport is only 25 minutes away.

The hotel has 356 rooms and suites, and offers iftar and suhoor at their restaurants, Al-Madinah and Marmara, which serve some of the finest international and oriental dishes and buffets.

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The Oberoi Madina

Only steps away from the Prophet’s Mosque, Oberoi is located exactly in front of the ladies prayer entrance of the mosque. The hotel is worth the money as the traveler can enjoy the international standards and fine dining as well.

The hotel has 330 rooms and suites and offers iftar (SR200) and suhoor (SR150) in luxurious restaurants such as Al-Andalous, a restaurant with Islamic designs and decoration serving Indian and Arabic dishes.

Oberoi also offers Ramadan customized snacks and drinks at the teahouse café located in the lobby. The hotel is elegantly appointed and reflects the rich heritage of the region.

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Dar Al Hijra Intercontinental Madinah

Dar Al Hijra Intercontinental Madinah is only 800 feet away from the Prophet’s Mosque and offers a magnificent view of Ohud Mountain. Guests will walk to shops and the business district and can take a short drive to important sites such as the Quba’ Mosque, the Qiblatain Mosque, the tombs of Madain Salah and the Jannatul Baki graveyard.

The hotel has 13 floors comprising 195 rooms and one restaurant called Al Safa, which offers iftar and suhoor meals in open buffet with continental and Middle Eastern cuisines.

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Anwar Al Madinah Mövenpick Hotel

The Anwar Al Madinah Mövenpick Hotel is Madinah’a largest hotel with 1,207 rooms and suites, most boasting a full view of the Prophet’s Mosque.

The hotel is located in the center of the commercial district and is the nearest hotel to the ladies prayer entrance at the mosque.

Anwar Al Madinah offers its guests iftar and suhoor at their three main restaurants with different international and local dishes. Restaurants such as Al Salam, Al Rehab and Al Taiba offer open buffets of western, oriental and international dishes. The hotel also provides snacks and drinks at its executive lounge.

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