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Consumer behavior for Islamic credit cards

These credit cards has different criteria’s these credit cards are not only available for rich person but for the middle man.

Consumer behavior for Islamic credit card is outstanding. People are eager to adopt this new form of E-banking because they knew the advantages of such great services. These credit cards has different criteria’s these credit cards are not only available for rich person but for the middle man as well. So everybody have access and these Islamic credit cards are for all. 

But it has different limits for their Islamic credit cards. Many of the Muslim countries have introduced these Islamic credit cards and people without any hesitation showing great interest in this Islamic finance product. Dubai Islamic bank has recently launches loyalty program for Al Islamic credit cards.

Dubai Islamic bank has also announced a special offer of Waal’a dirhams. This offer allows a customer to spend money with ease and they can also earn limitless Waal’a dirhams by doing as many transactions as they can. So this is a great offer to attract the consumer. This Waala’a dirham is equivalent to AED in value and those who possess these credit cards can use them against utility payments such as Dewa , SIWA and Eitasalat payments. Card member can also exchange these Waala’a dirham against gift voucher Union cooperative society, Sharjah cooperative society as well as it can be exchanged against travel voucher.

These credit cards are classified into three categories such as Platinum and Platinum plus, Gold and premium Gold credit cards, Classic credit cards one can earn Waal’a dirham respectively with the following percentage on their spending .So this special offer of Waala’a dirham propose saving and rewards and you can earn as much Waal’a dirham as you want . So Al Islamic credit cards by Dubai Islamic banks are very beneficial for the customers because it adds value to the customers. More over in many Islamic countries special discounts are offered on getting credit cards so this is a great strategy for the promotion of product.

 Islamic credit cards are widely accepted and acknowledge why? There are many reason first, it gives an opportunity to use Islamic credit card facility without any additional surcharge such as interest which is prohibited by Islam. The main motive of customers who use Islamic credit cards is for shopping, bulk purchases, and paying utility bills. These factors are helpful to promote Islamic credit cards as it was done by many major Islamic banks to understand the behavior and motives of consumer will help to introduce a customer friendly product which is a key to success of that product. Another factor which is very important for consumer satisfaction is the online services in which the consumers always seeks ease so this Islamic credit cards provides them opportunity to transact online to do shopping ,travelling without any fear of loss of money.

 Moreover consumer behavior shows that the use of Islamic credit card is cheaper, safer, and fast. So consumer at this level have a certain degree of brand loyalty. So by offering so many great deals to the customers people become more loyal to the respective brands. Once the trust of customer is built they will never leave this brand because it’s all about consumer behavior and tractability. Many international Islamic banks has introduced the Islamic credit card according to Sharia compliance such as Malaysia Indonesia and many Middle East country have introduced this great instrument and capture the consumer ,market by offering great deals. To attract the consumer it is very important. So consumer response towards Islamic credit card is great and it is successful in gaining customer loyalty. 



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