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Agriculture one of the most dangerous jobs because of chemical exposure

High doses of pesticide, says Pavan Baichoo, can lead to poisoning or death.

Source : UN Multimedia / 29 Apr 2014

Agriculture is one of the most dangerous jobs with regards to exposure to dangerous chemicals like pesticides, according to a technical officer with the International Labour Organization or ILO.

"Safety and health in the use of chemicals at work" is the theme for the 2014 World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

High doses of pesticide, says Pavan Baichoo, can lead to poisoning or death.

Marking the day, an ILO report recommends that necessary steps should be taken to prevent and control potential risks for workers, workplaces, communities and the environment.

"It's a huge challenge I would say this is a problem faced by all countries in the world- both developed and developing. You can have a wonderful legislation which actually looks to protect both the environment and your workforce as well as manage the chemicals in your country. The whole problem is how to enforce such a legislation."

Chemicals range from pesticides that improve the extent and quality of food production to pharmaceuticals that cure illnesses and cleaning products that help live a clean life.

However, ILO notes that while these chemicals can be useful, they can also cause health hazards such as cancers and physical hazards such as flammability as well as environmental hazards such as widespread contamination.


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