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04 December, 2018
As part of the implementation of the federal project “Culture on the Roads”, mass information educational campaigns will be held on the territory of Dagestan republic.
As reported by the Directorate of the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan, the federal campaign is aimed at all road traffic participants and aims at creating a cultural layer of behavioral forms, disclosing the canons of cultural behavior on the roads.
03 December, 2018
Fashion historian, art critic Alexander Vasiliev is sure that unisex style is set to win fashion. He voiced this point of view at the presentation of his book "Family Heirlooms, the book of acquired memoirs" on Monday, December 3rd. However, according to the art historian, Russia is waiting for "the dominance of Muslim fashion, the victory of the headscarves." He remembered talking about it five years ago.
01 December, 2018
Chistopolsky muhtasibat organized a celebration of Tatar culture within the framework of the Tatar culture month in the Chistopolsky municipal district in Tatarstan.
On the final holiday of this thematic month at the Vostok Cultural Center, some SMM activists took an active part in organizing the exhibition of Tatar hats and jewelery, conducted master classes on knitting a Muslim headscarf, on mehendi, and burning wood.
01 December, 2018
The Muftiyat of Crimea took part in a charity event dedicated to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which took place in the Simferopol Social Rehabilitation Department for Children and Adolescents with Disabilities. At the event, entitled “Day of positive mood”, children were presented with gifts - soft toys and sweets.
01 December, 2018
On November 30, Mufti of Dagestan Sheikh Ahmad Afandi received a courtesy call from Muhammad al-Saggaf, a descendant of the Prophet ﷺ.
After warm welcome of the noble descendant of the Messenger of Allah, the Mufti of Dagestan noted that the visit of such guests to our republic is a very significant and pleasant event for the Dagestanis.
30 November, 2018
Descendant of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the world-famous theologian, scholar, Sheikh Muhammad al-Saggaf arrived in Dagestan.
Representatives of the Republic’s Muftiate warmly greeted the guest of honor at the Uytash airport in the capital.
Muhammad al-Saggaf noted that for many years he wanted to visit the blessed land of Dagestan and to meet with brothers in faith.
30 November, 2018
The Kazan Kremlin is ready to consider programs to attract imams to the villages, if the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Tatarstan (DUM RT) comes up with an initiative. This was reported by the official representative of the Kazan Kremlin Lilia Galimova.
She stressed that the initiator of solving the situation with a shortage of Imams should be the Muslims management.
30 November, 2018
A mosque, which can accommodate up to 5,000 believers at the same time, will be built in the Oktyabrsky district of Grozny, the press service of the head and government of the Chechen Republic said on Wednesday.
30 November, 2018
The Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) is ready to improve the conditions of Muslims in places of detention, as such Muslim prisoners in Russian prisons will be provided with prayer rooms and a halal menu.
The implementation of this approach is already being carried out by a working group on interaction with religious organizations specially created at the ministry. Human rights activists note an increase in the number of complaints about the lack of prayer rooms and the halal menu.
29 November, 2018
All-Russian Conference on Strengthening Interethnic and Interfaith Relations in the Russian Federation was held in Pyatigorsk State University. The event was attended by more than 60 scholars of various disciplines, religious and public figures and rectors of universities of the North Caucasus. As part of the conference, the main characteristics and features of interethnic and interfaith relations in the country, regional experience of strengthening them, issues of preventing extremism among young people, as well as interaction of state authorities, civil society institutions, scientific and religious organizations were considered, the Muslim portal of the Caucasus reports.
29 November, 2018
The mayor of the capital will allocate a site for the construction of a mosque in the “new Moscow” to the Spiritual Assembly of Russia's Muslims, said its chairman, Moscow Mufti Albir Krganov.
In addition, as the newspaper Izvestia writes on Wednesday, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia and the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia will receive land plots for the construction of their religious buildings. A total of approximately five hectares is expected to be allocated.
29 November, 2018
The Muftiyat of Crimea began to offer a new course especially designed for local women, Menim Alem (My Family). The course was developed within the framework of the religious and educational project of the Spiritual Administration of the Crimea's Muslims “Faydaly Ilim”.
29 November, 2018
Negotiators from Iran, Russia and Turkey met in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana on Wednesday, the Kazakh foreign ministry said, for two days of talks aiming to preserve a fragile 10-week-old truce in northern Syria.
Talks were underway between delegations from the three regional power-brokers as well as the Syrian government and opposition, the ministry said in a statement.
28 November, 2018
As Germany still struggles to balance its migration policy, the Interior Ministry has apparently decided to take one of the issues into its own hands and, through an ad campaign, boost the numbers of voluntary repatriations.
The ministry, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Bavarian ally Horst Seehofer, decided to lure potential repatriates with a supposedly bright future awaiting them in their countries of origin – as well as a sort of a complimentary gift should they agree to go home voluntarily.
28 November, 2018
Plans for building a sea port in on one of Russia’s northernmost areas have been brought back to life. The $4 billion project in the Nenets region is key to the country's strategic plan to open shipping in the Arctic.
The project has reportedly been included in Moscow’s list of major investment projects on transport and infrastructure development. The new port, which will be located in the small Nenets settlement of Indiga, will be operated year-round.
28 November, 2018
Muslims from Tatarstan sent humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. The cargo consists of more than 65 types of drugs for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, bronchopulmonary system, musculoskeletal system, eyes and other organs. Antiseptics and suture surgical materials were also sent.
28 November, 2018
It was a moment that summed up everything we knew about Liverpool striker Sadio Mane - but the Senegalese striker didn't want it seem at all.
Some time ago a video footage emerged of the frontman cleaning mosque toilets hours after scoring against Leicester in the Premier League.
It reinforced how kind and down to earth the 26-year-old Muslim is.
27 November, 2018
The IV All-Russian Scientific Conference "Internal Dialogue in Islam: Reality and Prospects" has started today in Kazan. The purpose of the conference is to develop recommendations for the Muslim community in creating and operating a mechanism of constant internal dialogue with those who are set on such a process. The event is attended by religious and secular experts from Kazan, Moscow, Ufa, Makhachkala, Sevastopol.
27 November, 2018
The Yang di-Pertuan Agong XV King of Malaysia and Sultan of Kelantan Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra married Miss Moscow 2015 beauty queen Oksana Voevodina in the Russian capital.
The vibrant ceremony, was held at the Barvikha Concert Hall in Moscow, incorporating elements of both Malay and Russian nuptial traditions, the portal reported.
27 November, 2018
First "honesty shop" has been opened in one of the universities of the Kazakh city of Shymkent.
What makes it different is that there are no sellers in the premises, students and teachers take all the goods themselves, and put the money in a special box.
27 November, 2018
The 11th round of Syria peace talks in the Astana format is scheduled to start in the Kazakh capital on Wednesday. 
After a six-month recess, the guarantor countries of Turkey, Russia, and Iran will meet once again in Astana to exchange views on various topics. 
The ceasefire in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib, efforts to establish a constitutional committee that will rewrite the country’s constitution and the release of prisoners are expected to top the agenda. 
26 November, 2018
At least 21 people have died and tens of thousands displaced by torrential rains that have battered Iraq over two days, according to health officials and the United Nations.
Seif al-Badr, spokesperson for Iraq's health ministry, told the AFP news agency on Sunday that women and children were among the dead.
Some had drowned due to floods, but others had died in car accidents, were electrocuted or were trapped when their houses collapsed.
26 November, 2018
More than thirty children of the spiritual and educational project of the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Crimea "Yany Baar" (New Spring) celebrated today "Elifbe Bayramy" (Alif ba-Arabic alphabet). 
The festive event was held in the cultural and educational center "Faydaly Ilim" in Simferopol.
This day has become a triple holiday for the children: Friday, the month of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and Elifbe Bayram.
26 November, 2018
All modern humans descended from a solitary pair who lived 100,000 to 200,000 years ago, scientists say.
Scientists surveyed the genetic 'bar codes' of five million animals - including humans - from 100,000 different species and deduced that we sprang from a single pair of adults after a catastrophic event almost wiped out the human race. 
24 November, 2018
Turkey charged 28 people on Friday in relation to the 2016 assassination of the Russian ambassador to Ankara, naming the US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen as the prime suspect in the case, the state-owned Anadolu news agency said.
Andrei Karlov was shot dead by an off-duty policeman while speaking at an Ankara exhibit opening in December 2016. The gunman shouted “Don’t forget Aleppo!” as he opened fire, apparently referring to Russia’s involvement in Syria. He was shot dead by police at the scene.

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