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Yandex marks Crimea as part of Russia on international maps

Yandex operates in Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine

Source : Voice of Russia / 04 Apr 2014

Yandex, a Russian Internet company that runs the largest search engine in Russia, has marked Crimea as a Russian territory on its international maps it provides as part of its services. "As of today users who access will see Crimea as a part of Russia," said the company's press service.

According to, at this moment the Crimean peninsula is marked as Russian territory on the Russian and international editions of Yandex maps ( and respectively), while the Ukrainian edition ( still depicts it as part of Ukraine.

Yandex pointed out that realigning all of its services is a complicated process and that it will take some time. “The changes were already applied to News, Search and Maps services. Later all other company’s services will take the status of Crimea into account. The Russian and Ukrainian editions will reflect the official stances of each of these countries.”

Yandex operates in Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine, having developed a local edition of its services for each of these countries.

At the moment the Crimean peninsula is also marked as a part of Russia on maps. Mapping services belonging to Google and Microsoft still depict it as Ukrainian territory.



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