Sunday 26 May 2019 \


Vladimir Vasiliev: the spread of Islam in Russia began from Dagestan

Today, at the Plenary meeting of the Russia-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group, the Head of the republic of Dagestan, Vladimir Vasilyev, addressing to the participants of the Group led by Chairman Rustam Minnikhanov, thanked them for their decision to hold the IV annual meeting in Makhachkala. As the head of the region noted, the spread of Islam religion in the territory of Russia began from Dagestan, where three world religions peacefully coexist for centuries.

Vladimir Vasilyev also stressed that positive world Muslim practices are taken into account in countering terrorism, in the socialization of youth, and in the interaction of the state and society in Dagestan. “The globalization of the world, the saturation of the information space, including destructive materials, indicates the need to coordinate all countries of the world to develop new positions, including on countering extremism and countering the spread of radical ideology,” said Vasilyev.

At the same time, Vasiliev noted the need to create educational and social programs of anti-extremist orientation, religious education programs, taking into account that the behavioral characteristics of young people are shaped by the Internet and often in the absence of the necessary knowledge and skills, young people often become victims of recruiters.


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