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Uraza Bairam in Chechnya to be celebrated four days

June 15 to June 18 were announced in Chechnya as rest days in connection with the Muslim holiday of Uraza Bayram (Eid al-Fitr), which marks the end of the month of Ramadan fasting. 
The decree was signed by Abubakar Edelgeriev, who acts as the Head of the region.
"By decree of the acting Head of the Chechen Republic, Abubakar Edelgeriev the following days on June 15, 16,17 and June 18 were announced as holidays. This decision was made on the basis of an appeal by the Spiritual Board of Chechen Muslims and in accordance with the federal law "On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations," administration of the Head and government of the region report.
In the meantime, local theologians have not yet announced the date for the completion of Ramadan fasting. The last day of Ramadan, as explained in the Muftiate, is expected to fall on the evening of May 14.
"If in the evening of June 14 a new month appears in the sky, June 15 will be the first day of Uraza-Bairam. If this does not happen, then the holiday will take place the next day," a representative of the Spiritual Directorate of Chechnya said.

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