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Under the ruins of the city, the Visigoths found the oldest mosque in Europe

In Spain, found the hidden underground buildings of the ancient city of the Visigoths. Studies were conducted on the ruins of Rekkopolis - this is one of the few cities founded in Western Europe in the so-called Dark Ages. Archaeologists scanned the area with the help of geomagnetic tools and found that under layers of soil and soil hiding parts of the palace and the building, which may be the oldest mosque in this part of the world.

“In every space that we were able to explore, we found buildings, streets and walkways,” noted Michael McCormick of Harvard University.

The Visigoths are the German people who created their kingdom in South-Western Europe at the turn of the ancient and medieval periods.

It is known that they plundered Rome in 410 year, reports Antiquity.

In the second half of the 6th century, the center of the state was located on the Iberian Peninsula. King Leovigild made Toledo his capital, and in 578 he ordered a new city to be built upstream of the Tejo River - this was Reccopolis.

Excavations in this area have been going on for several decades now, but archaeologists have so far discovered only 8% of the area inside the city walls.

Recently, scientists have decided to resort to a non-invasive method of exploring the area and found that the empty spaces inside the walls are actually filled with hidden streets and buildings.

Beyond the monumental gate was a suburb.

Experts have concluded that the population was quite large, although it was believed that in the last years of its existence, Rekopolis was practically empty.

The sixth century was a difficult time for Europe - huge territories from the western suburbs to China covered mass migrations, food shortages and famine. In addition, a global epidemic of bubonic plague has occurred.

The researchers concluded that there was a dramatic climate change in 536-660 - a cold snap caused by a series of volcanic eruptions in the Northern Hemisphere.

However, the Visigothic Empire was able to mobilize its forces and resources to establish a new settlement.

Their era ended in 711, during the Islamic conquest. There is reason to believe that before 800, when Rekopolis was finally abandoned, Muslims lived there.

One of the buildings found by archaeologists turned out to be built differently than others - with an orientation towards Mecca. His plan also resembles the structure of mosques in the Middle East.

Carefully examine the building is possible only during excavation. If the preliminary conclusions are confirmed, it will be recognized as the oldest mosque that ever existed in Europe.

Earlier it was reported that in the fortress of Burgundy discovered the "bar" of the ancient Celts. It turned out that they bought wine in Greece and made their own beer, as well as mead.



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