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UN Security Council concerned about deteriorating situation in Yemen

More than 300 people were killed this month in clashes

Source : / 12 Jul 2014

The UN Security Council on Friday expressed "grave concern" about the deteriorating situation in northern Yemen, calling for swift implementation of existing ceasefire agreements, Xinhuareported.

"The members of the Security Council further demanded that all armed groups and other parties involved in the current violence disarm; and urged the existing ceasefire agreements to be swiftly implemented," said a statement read to the press here by Eugene- Richard Gasana, the Rwandan UN ambassador who holds the rotating council presidency for July.

Expressing the deep regret at the high number of casualties caused by the violence, the Council encouraged all parties, in line with the National Dialogue outcomes, to take steps and participate peacefully in the transition.

"The members of the Security Council demanded that the Houthis, all armed groups and parties involved in the violence withdraw and relinquish control of Amran and hand over weapons and ammunition pillaged in Amran to the national authorities loyal to the government," Gasana said.

The 15-nation body reminded all parties to comply with their obligations under applicable international humanitarian and human rights law, and stressed the need for all sides to facilitate safe and unhindered humanitarian access to evacuate the wounded and ensure the delivery of assistance to all populations in need.

The Council also expressed support to President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi as he leads the political transition and encouraged continued efforts to find a peaceful political solution to the conflict in the north.

More than 300 people were killed this month in clashes between the army and Shiite rebels in Yemen's northern provinces of Amran and al-Jouf following the collapse of the latest truce.

The government and Shiite rebels signed two ceasefire deals in June, but failed to abide by the deals. The officials accused the rebels of seeking to expand control over the country's northern regions, which the rebels denied, saying they sought to provide protection to their tribal followers from the Sunni tribes.



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