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Turkish scientists develop drugs against Hepatitis C, AIDS

Source : Anadolu Agency

Pennsylvania | 30 Jun 2011

Turkish scientists working in the United States have developed drugs against Hepatitis C and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Dr. Ercem Atillasoy and Dr. Dalya Guris, Turkish doctors working at Merck Search Laboratory in Pennsylvania, said the medicine they developed against Hepatitis C achieved full treatment of resistant patients.

They said medicine against Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) could prolong lifetime of patients up to 20-25 years by turning AIDS into a chronical disease.

Atillasoy said the medicine called "Protease Inhibitor" got license from FDA in the United States and expected to get license in Europe soon. He said the treatment aims at eliminating the enzyme preventing reproduction of the virus.

Atillasoy said, "there was no specific medicine against Hepatitis C so far. This medicine directly aims at destroying the disease. A combined modality therapy, like that in cancer treatment, is in question with this medicine. This new medicine increases the success in defeating Hepatitis C after being added to the treatments used so far. "

Atillasoy said there would not be need anymore for liver transplantation with the medicine, this is a milestone in Hepatitis C treatment" he underlined.

Atillasoy also said with a medicine developed against HIV, causing AIDS, the disease would not be fatal anymore but chronical.

"License has been given to the medicine in the United States and in Europe. The medicine prevents virus to enter the DNA of the cell. The medicine does not present full treatment against the disease, it has to be used lifetime." Atillasoy said.

Dr. Dalya Guris of the Merck Research Laboratory said works were also underway to find a vaccine against muscle cancer.

Guris said the medicine would be presented to use within 1-2 years after FDA approval.


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